Do you often wonder where your logistics vehicles might be now? Worried about receiving the exact amount after delivery? With useful and robust features, logistics management software is able to help you in such cases.

People, who are dealing with the logistics business expect to have complete control over the management. If you are also one of the logistics business owners, you might have faced some hurdles such as the increase in demands from client-side, lack of internal communication between suppliers and drivers, unmanageable drivers with not-so-good attitude.

It has found in a survey that, one of the most common challenges faced by the logistics business owners is meeting customers demand, that too on time. The study shows that clients are expecting complete transparency in the order they have placed. It can be possible when logistic businesses bring automation to their management.

Mobile apps have eliminated human intervention in logistics and managing it. Logistic management apps save time, brings accuracy, and improves warehouse management. Now people are opting for the Uber for trucking solution because of the seamless management that it adds to the revenue.

If you have a logistics app for your business, these features will help you to get a relaxed management which eventually leads to better revenues.

1. Regular Log Record Of Drivers

In logistic management app, there are 3 aspects: app for a driver, the app for a shipper, and admin dashboard. It will reduce driver’s manual efforts like filling entries. This feature automatically sends the driver’s log module to you.

In addition to that, there are other data that logistics software adds and enable you to
handle all the tasks easily. It includes:

Hours of performance
Deliveries are done by them
Trips they had made
Exact time entered
Check reviews from clients

2. Vehicle And Driver Tracker

GPS in your logistic app helps you to track your vehicles as well as drivers. With this, you would have the exact details of drivers and there would be no need to call them a number of time regarding this.

You would also know whether they are available or not, late or on-time, in just a few minutes. This will help you to assign them to work if they arrive beforehand.

3. Assigning Orders To Pick Up

You can allow your drivers to choose the shipment instead of assigning them. Once the drivers receive the shipment task on the app, the first driver to grab the task would get it.

This feature will reduce your burden to assign each driver a task, as well as let drivers, select orders as per their availability and convenience. You no longer needed to find a perfect driver to assign a particular task.

4. Automatic Order Dispatch To The Nearest Drivers

There might be many times when you have to ship immediate orders and you get stuck in that situation, unable to find the driver to assign this task. With automatically assign feature in the logistics software, you can assign the work to the nearest, available driver.

On the basis of distance or priority, tasks can be assigned automatically. It is an addition to the previous feature and considered as one of the most important features of logistic software or logistic management app.

5. Pre-Planned Routes For Drivers

Many times, drivers use their instincts to choose a different route for making a delivery. This may unnecessarily increase the delivery time and higher expenses on fuel.

But with the new feature of pre-planned routes, you can ensure which route your drivers will take. They would not have any idea that you have planned that route. Drivers would be informed about the planned route via their dispatching dashboard on the app.

6. Multi-Lingual Support

It is necessary to have a platform that can work in every language. There must be a feature of multi-lingual support in truck driver app. When your drivers are from different background and have fluency in their respective local languages, it is necessary to operate the driver app with their preferred language.

To Sum Up,

Today, automation is the deciding factor of any business. Whether it is transport, cargo, or logistics, whenever you have to move goods, need to do on-time deliveries, and track vehicles constantly, automation is there to help. Thus, an automated logistics software can let to have a better grip or control on your business. Robust features without any hassle of back office management and tracking are crucial for your logistics business.

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