What Is LASIK?
LASIK technology is an advanced technology to correct the vision and improve eyesight. At our eye care center, customer satisfaction and safety are at the top of our priority list. Our continuous efforts both in services and building infrastructure in context to the latest technologies set us apart from other eye care centers. Through our latest LASIK technology, we endeavor to provide our patients with the best and safe eye care they deserve. Through LASIK, the eyesight improves quickly and effectively.

What Are The Advantages Of LASIK?
Eyes are vital and we know that. We do not compromise at all in our quality and safety standards and screen all the patients visiting us to ensure that they are a suitable candidate for LASIK surgery. If they are, we happily transform their vision through advanced LASIK surgery and if they are not, we discuss with them the other safe and alternative options.

Following are the advantages you will have when getting the LASIK surgery done at our eye care center:

Safety of our patients is the primary concern. We follow all the safety protocols defined in International guidelines throughout the surgery process i.e. before, during and after surgery. By strictly following the guidelines, we have an impeccable success rate for LASIK surgery.

Advanced technology
We use advanced technology for LASIK surgery to minimize the side effects and meeting the patient’s expectations. Our technology includes Wavefront technology and the All-Laser technique.

Because of technological advancement and extra safety, we can provide a maximum enhancement in vision with minimum side effects.

Experienced LASIK Surgeons
Our surgeons are extensively trained and highly experienced. The surgeons at our center have achieved expertise through training abroad and have performed hundreds of surgeries.

Am I A Good Candidate For LASIK?
We screen all the patients through comprehensive ophthalmic evaluation to confirm if they are the best candidate for LASIK surgery. You are one of the ideal candidates for LASIK surgery if:

You are above 18 years of age
In order to undergo a LASIK surgery, you should be above the age of 18 years. It is believed that by the age of 18, you have stable eyesight.

You have a stable prescription
If your glass prescription continuously changes then you probably may not be the right candidate for LASIK surgery. For LASIK surgery you should have a stable prescription for a significant period.

You are in good health
You should not suffer from any underlying medical such as uncontrolled diabetes or unmanaged hypertension. For LASIK surgery, you should be in good health.

You have no history of eye surgery or eye disease
Any history of eye disease or eye surgery may have a negative impact on LASIK surgery outcomes. Visit our eye care center for more information related to your options for improving the eyesigh.

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