Q. Can positive and negative thinking and feeling really affect you physically?

A. Yes, definitely… and I’ll prove it!

You will need:

* A few people, the more the better.
* About two minutes of time


First test – Hold your arm (the one you write with) straight out in front of you, palm side down. Hold it there while someone places their index and middle finger on the back of your wrist and pushes your averagely strengthed arm downwards. You will need to use your average strength to continue to hold out your arm and resist the downward pressure. Done? Relax.

The negative whinging weakling – Now you repeat the following three statements to yourself 5 times…

* I am weak
* I am worthless
* I am useless

As you do this, the other person (who does the pushing down) should completely ignore you. Now repeat the first test and see how much weaker you are. It’s so pathetic it’s amazing… is that kryptonite I smell?

The rock hard man – This time, with more gusto, repeat the following three statements to yourself 5 times…

* I am strong
* I am powerful
* I am magnificent

While you do this, your pals, including the one who does the pushing down thingy, should all be cheering you on and supporting you. Now again, repeat the first test and see your strength not only returned, but increased beyond your mediocre, normal self! Arm wrestle anyone?

Author's Bio: 

My name is Michael, better known as Mickey Oddwin. I have a wealth of usable and practical self-improvement techniques and ideas which I share via my blog, http://www.bossthesandwich.com. Boss The Sandwich takes the slightly humourous approach to self improvement.