To get over being dumped is a challenge for you! You will have the biggest fight with your EMOTION, so be ready. It might be too painful for you to recover easily especially on facing the fact that you're done and it's over.You always suffer from the pain he caused you, you feel worthless and you cry for it over and over again. If you keep on crying and crying and dwell so much in pain, moving on will never be possible.

You feel hurt and pain, and i understand such feeling, but choosing not to move on will add stress to your life. When he said I LOVE YOU before, do not take it as a lie, he really loved you straight from his heart. You always have the right to get hurt and cry but time will not step when you are hurt; so do not dwell so much on it, instead, look for answers and reasons why it happened.

It may sounds so crazy for you to hear negative experiences from people suffering from being dumped by their partner, but this article will tell you that there can be better reasons why it happened. We need to be positive this time as possible.It's your choice to be positive! Believe me, it will happen!

Get Over Being Dumped Step 1: Forget about it!
When you enter into a relationship, at some point you will realize the fact that under unavoidable circumstances, your relationship will end. And when it happens, you will feel depressed and hurt. This time, you have to be matured, confident and responsible in dealing with the situation. It means that you keep it and forget about it, all the hurts, what he said and the sweet memories you once shared. Those connections between you and him must be stopped as much as possible. Remember, he left you and so it would be much harder for you to communicate still with him or even see him. You need to have acceptance of the truth that it's over and done. Part of forgetting is to be able to refocus your feelings and emotions into activities that make you useful and productive. The more you completely accept the fact that it’s over, the faster you can move on, and the more you dwell from your past, the lesser time for you to find out who’s destined for you So, you choose what path to take, do you want to stop in the past or continue for the future? Think twice.

Get Over Being Dumped Step 2: Be surrounded with family and friends
Your family will always be there for you. They will be on your highest and lowest times of your life. They are always ready to lend an ear to listen to what you feel and give you a sweet embrace when you cry. Your friends also take important role at this time in your life They will never fail to be your sounding board. I hope you have not taken them for granted when you were so much busy in love before. This is a reminder that it's always good to treasure them because they will never leave you: no break ups, no commitments... They are just there for you.

Get Over Being Dumped Step 3: Learn to interact with others
This can really be of help to forget all the past. Learn to be social by meeting with friends, go out for a gym daily, go out for a trip, go to Church, etc. Trust me, getting over being dumped is easier when you actively try to move on and regain your life!

Get Over Being Dumped Step 4: Love yourself more
When you get dumped, you sometimes forget yourself. With what happened, you feel you are the reason why he dumped you and so you feel you don't deserve to be happy. Blaming is not part of moving on; what you have to do is to give yourself a chance to be happy again by opening your heart to someone new.

Get Over Being Dumped Step 5: Laugh like it's your last
In one point in the relationship, sometimes you feel so serious in as much as you want to keep the relationship intact. Now, that you were dumped, give yourself a treat with lots of laughter with families and friends.

Get Over Being Dumped Step 6: Learn to forgive
In as much as you want to move on, your capability to forgive is one best thing that you must do for inner peace of mind with love and happiness. With forgiveness, you can move on easily without grudges and pain.

Get Over Being Dumped Step 7: Move on now
If you believe that you are over with the hurt, get ready to move on and don't forget to make plans for yourself and for your future; something you always would want to do. You don't need to worry much even if you're SINGLE because time will come that a better man will come.

It takes a lot of time for the wounds of break up to officially heal. Happiness is not always consistent, there will come a point in your life that will cry and smile. Same thing with break up/separation, you might be crying today but as you move on, you will see that life has always been so good for you because you still have the love of family and friends and more blessings and realizations. This is just but a message for all the heartbroken people out there, that there’s still life after break-up, more meaningful and beautiful! Keep the faith and you will see.

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Johnny Wayne personally believes that all relationship can be saved but it all depends on how much effort is being put in. You can find out more about our Review of Second Chance Romance and the tips on How To Get Over Being Dumped.