And the account has been made is correct, create a profile. Now, you understand the basics of the language icon / for Twitter. And, perhaps some are.

Of course, Twitter later if you do not have, as a marketing tool Available since this is your main goal should be.

If you are using MySpace and other networks, particularly social networking sites to move Facebook. Encourage people to follow you, put a link to update your Twitter account status again.

E-mail, enter your signature links on Twitter, in addition to the forum (Warrior Forum is a link to the Twitter icon under the avatar and user name).

If you already have an email list, send a picture to talk about his new Twitter account, we recommend that you follow them. If you have a blog, write about it. If you are using WordPress, you need a plug-in that allows your visitors to follow you easily. I will explain in more detail below.

In essence, making your Twitter account from anywhere in the visible presence on the Internet.

Another way to get followers is to the right after the other. When you follow someone you will be notified by email. Very often, it is to see the profile of your curiosity, you'll likely do again.

But it must be of strategic importance. Because the user is probably unaware of, please do not expect the result of the popularity and the next person. Why do you want, you're just interested in selling - Do not follow a random stranger?

Impressive feature is the ability to search Twitter, people say. If you have a blog about gardening, the keyword "garden" to search, you can use to pull the Twitter about gardening.

Remember that only about 2,000 people every day. Although very similar, if you use Twitter's search engine, this limit can be reached sooner than expected. To be (very stressful, can be a tedious process) rather than people automatically through the process, some programs, online services and not to follow your hand to follow.

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