The Rhitidectomy or face lift UK is a type of cosmetic surgery, which is conducted to remove the wrinkles and signs of aging. This surgery gives a stiff look to the skin, reduces the wrinkles, and gives a younger look.

In majority of the cases, face lift UK is done for cosmetic purposes. With the tremendous improvement in the media like Television, television shows and entertainment field is offering many opportunities. To establish a career in this field, looks are an important factor. More and more people are opting to undergo face-lift and mini face lift surgeries to maintain their youthful appearance. This has gained the status of being on top of the most opted surgeries for aesthetic looks, which is evident from a survey conducted in 2008 by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Despite the cost of surgery being around $7000, people are opting for this to improve their looks. In the technique, the skin is pulled and sometimes underlying tissue is tightened to give a firmer look. An incision is made near the hairline to avoid any visible scarring.

There are also mini face lift surgeries conducted in which lifting is done only to the required restricted areas. It may be cheeks, Jowls or neck, the area is restricted to the portion to which lifting is required. This is comparatively economical, requires less time in hospital and recovery is faster when compared to complete face-lift. A face-lift surgery may also be necessitated due to disfiguring of the face for various reasons like an accident, animal bite, crime etc. There are some restrictions to be followed post surgery and it takes a few months to get back to the normal appearance. A complete evaluation of the patient before taking up surgery is essential.

A face lift UK should aim at improving the appearance and should not give a very different look. Getting a face-lift done by an experienced physician is very important to avoid complications during or post surgery.

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