To get things right the first time is easier said than done. Many people struggle, some give up and remain ordinary, others excel and become champions. The quest to get things right itself is difficult and get to get it right the first time can really be challenging. Try the following:
Invest time in planning

Fail to plan and you will plan you fail. Get started by understanding the final deliverables, evaluate various approaches, anticipate problems and be prepared with backup plans. Have an eye for details and leave nothing to chance. If executed well, a strong plan can almost certainly guarantee you success.
Ask for help and Seek feedback
We live in a world of interdependence and people are wired to help and support each other. Ask for help when you lack clarity, asking does not make you small; on the contrary, it is a sign of strength. Also, seek others feedback, take suggestions and find ways to enhance the quality of a job. Feedback is not an intrusion, it is an invitation to deal with blind spot and improve capabilities.
Be your own judge, visit all aspects of your work, critically evaluate them for errors and fix them before you go live with your work. Leave nothing to chance.
Learn from past mistakes
Making mistakes is not a crime, but not learning from them certainly is. Don’t justify, just accept mistakes and have an open mind to learn and grow. Keep it tight and don’t repeat them.
Raise the bar

Challenge yourself frequently to see how you can do the same job better. Do not rely on past glory, with the rapidly changing world someone will always discover a better, faster and a cheaper way of doing things. So keep breaking your own benchmark and set new milestones.
Getting it right the first time is finally about an attitude. It cannot be attained by a sudden flight, it cannot be thought but it can be acquired with deep passion and enthusiasm for your work.
Top 7 Benefits:
The cost of redoing a job can be avoided; consider the time, effort and resources saved.
Reduction in errors translates into enhanced productivity.
Fosters better understanding and respect among members.
Boosts self-confidence and motivates others to excel.
Earn a wow from internal and external customers.
Finish a job in time and get a life.
Develops the love for a job and provides happiness to all involved.

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