Since I’m an introverted working woman and quite busy all year round, paying a visit to a high-end salon is unheard of in my life: to tell other women my hair woes when their hair is so damn fine looking, made me a bit shy.
Plus, I’m not really into total hair care stuff (unless you can count my shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum that I use) and quite content with my thick, wavy hair, so a simple, long layered cut is more than enough for me to get by.
That said, after few years of rocking the same hairstyle, I’m tempted to change my a look a bit especially seeing latest hairstyles and colors that look soft and sophisticated to me. Searching and scrolling through the searches and reviews I’ve come across The Salon Project, a concept salon developed by celebrity hairstylist Joel Warren.
The salon offers something that’s quite revolutionary compared with other beauty salons we have; the model is more client-focused, with one stylist for one client that will do the consulting, the advice, and the monitoring until the client is done. In any case, if you do have any issue, you can ask your stylist instead of passing back and forth that usually happens with salons, leaving them frustrated.
For an introvert like me, it’s a heaven-sent: I only need to share my hair woes to one person.

The Salon Project, Long Island

At the moment they have branches in Long Island and Saks fifth avenue, Manhattan (as their retailer’s flagship salon). The salon comprises not just for your hair - it covers for skin care, makeup, as well as catering exclusively for men - plus, the whole model uses high tech to deliver to the client, personalized to their needs.
Make sense, since different people have different hair and beauty issues (what more with if allergies are also involved, like me), as well as tastes. The Salon Project: a world-class celebrity hair salon in long island that is guaranteed to leave you looking flawless

How The Whole Process Is Done
Arriving for my appointment, the - get this - concierge of the salon greeted me, checking me in, and directed me to one of their stylists to tend to my (hair) needs. After getting me settled down with a cup of tea, my stylist Nadine asks general and specific questions about my hair and the style I’m looking for.
Very professional, warm, empathetic, and thorough, I’m happy to pour out everything I know about my hair and admitting that my current hair routine needs to be upgraded as it’s been looking so dull. And the best part is, Nadine sets up some techy stuff using augmented reality and showing me her suggestions of hairstyles and colors that I might find suitable.
Oh yeah, speaking of high techy stuff, if you need to wait - as usual with hair coloring process - there’s a table for nail services, massages, or even place to charge your phones. Neat!
That part especially is very handy for me: no more describing to your hair stylist out of thin air and continuously wondering and worrying if they’re on the same page as you - one of the reasons why I’m so hesitant to step into any hair salon before.
At the same station, Nadine instructed me to lie down to wash my hair and explaining the hair products that she used to me, step by step. Next, she cuts my hair in the style we agreed upon - a shoulder-length wavy bob and sharing tips for good hair care maintenance.

The Verdict
The whole process took within an hour. And I’m lucky that I get a haircut and be happy with the whole results. Plus, since I’m with Nadine nearly the whole time, the process feels intimate and definitely, there’s not the usual chaos where you need to move one place or another.
The Salon Project is my go-to place now if I have any beauty emergencies.
Call them at (631) 203-8796 to set up an appointment and Uber directly at Saks Fifth Avenue, Walt Whitman Road, Long Island. The salon opens all day from 10 am.

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