What is positive self talk? Well, we all practise self talk, though, many of us tend to go for negative self talk instead of the positive approach. Negative self talk can be very detrimental to how you perceive yourself and the people around you. For example say that there is a particular person that you find attractive, but that little negative voice in your head says, "No way am I in that person's league, she/he is too good for me." So yet again your negative self talk as persuaded you that you are not worthy of knowing. Another scenario could have been "Hey I like her/him and I am going to ask her/him out to the movies." Now the latter scenario was of course positive self talk and that is what you should be practising to build up your self-esteem.

A good way of being aware on how you are perceiving yourself is by analyzing your self talk. What are you saying to yourself? Is it positive or negative? If your internal voice is being negative, write the negative thoughts down and scrutinize them - do you believe these words or are you being hard on yourself? If you catch yourself having negative internal thoughts say to yourself -"STOP YOUR NEGATIVE SELF-TALK!"

Remember I am not saying that you feign that you are faultless, but what I am saying is do not be hard on yourself. It is too easy to have negative thoughts about yourself then it is to have positive thoughts. Do not have false modesty. If you are good at something admit it. It's not being big headed to admit that you are a talented individual. Just look at all the famous people out there. Do you think that Arnold Schwarzenegger thought he was talent less? He went out into the big scary world and made himself into Mr Universe. He then became an actor and then the governor of California. Not bad for a man who was born in a little Austrian village. He believed in himself.

Below are some exercises in positive self talk to programme your mind to gain self-confidence in yourself:

1. Imagine what your internal voice sounds like when it is absolutely confident. Is your confident internal voice louder or softer? Is your confident internal voice clearer and easier to hear? Is it stronger or weaker. Does your internal voice speak faster or slower. Always be aware on how your confident internal voice sounds as you will always want to use it in the future.

2. Recall all the negative suggestions you planted into your psyche in the past:

"I'm a waste of space."
"I'm not a confident person."
"I'm not attractive."
"I can't get friends."
"I'm a boring twat."
"God I'm stupid."
"I wish I could do public speaking."

3. This is what you should be saying to yourself:

"I'm not a waste of space."
"I am a confident person."
"I'm attractive."
"I can get friends."
"I'm not a boring twat."
"I'm not stupid."
"I can do public speaking."

4. Now with your new confident internal voice repeat above positive suggestions to yourself.

Now with these positive self talk suggestions go out into the big world and be that confident and positive person you always dreamed of! Remember you are the only person driving your bus so only you can change your life for the better!

Author's Bio: 

Belinda Daly is a certified master practitoner in hypnosis, NLP and TLT. She also has a degree in metaphysics.

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