Since 1995, Ver Beauty Cosmetics Cases has been offering high-quality makeup cases, nail artist cases, and makeup accessories to professionals working in the makeup industry in the United States. We offer storage and travel cases to cosmetic artists at reasonable prices with free shipping on every order as part of our national and international product sales. Our products are always on-trend in terms of style, but they are also incredibly durable and functional. They are portable, adaptable, and available in a number of hues that will complement the branding and colors of your business.

Ver Beauty is one of the top Leading platforms for makeup cases. We can purchase directly from the factory thanks to the family-run nature of the company, which eliminates the need for middlemen to raise prices. We travel the world to trade exhibitions and conventions, constantly watching for changes in fashion or business trends. We may modify our product lines to fit the most recent fads and trends.

Why Ver Beauty??

We offer free shipping on each order with the best rates and weekly sales. An unconditional money-back guarantee for up to 30 days after you make a purchase. Because we work closely with the manufacturers, we can stay on top of product lines and adapt to changing fashion and makeup case trends.

Why Ver Beauty makeup cases are best?

Many beauty experts’ first choice is professional makeup cases. Whether you are a working woman or a professional makeup artist, makeup boxes are excellent for storing cosmetics and make-up. The Ver Beauty makeup box cases are incredibly fashionable and sophisticated. Simply look through our collection on our website. All of our makeup cases are stylish and durable. Our cosmetic cases offer various compartments that let you organize and store a variety of beauty necessities. You can keep your makeup necessities close by while you’re on the run by better organizing your cosmetic necessities. In addition, you can guard against makeup blending.

What exactly is a director chair?

With a sturdy, foldable armrest, back, and seat support, this unique chair is portable, lightweight, and can be folded up into a small size. Why utilize the outdated conventional director chair when we are in the year 2022? When we have superior choices! You will get a fantastic product from Ver Beauty for the best price and quality. This chair’s USP is that it contains a second table tray and clever pocket storage. So, it’s simple to carry everything you need.

How Ver Beauty can be a perfect option for makeup artists?

The stunning, black chair is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum for sturdy support. The back and seat of this couch are covered in black fabric. To promote better and longer-lasting use of the product, powder coating and heat curing are performed. It is comfortable for outdoor activities and best suited for professionals.

The ideal makeup chair nowadays is one that is aesthetically pleasing, of the highest quality, fashionable and trendy, comfy, portable, adjustable, and has storage possibilities. Makeup artists work with a variety of clients who have various preferences. Everyone has a different style when it comes to cosmetics and appearance, but the comfort zone remains constant. And if you work as a professional makeup artist, you must consider all of your clients’ possible requests! As a professional, you must invest in decent furniture such as a chair of superior quality, a mirror, lamps, and a vanity that will assure the clients’ or customers’ best experience.

Why studio lights are important for a makeup artist??

All makeup artists and beauty bloggers are aware of the importance of using the right lighting when applying makeup. When models were exposed to natural light, their makeup would have seemed dark or overdone, forcing makeup artists to compromise their work. Makeup artists need a sharp eye for their clients or customers to execute quality makeup. Although they must have sufficient lighting, they cannot take it with them when they travel. A portable studio light, which is a need for makeup artists, is the greatest option for this.

We want to give each makeup artist or beauty expert the best products possible. We have special makeup cases with and without a stand, a big mirror, and lights all around them. These are stylish, robust, and long-lasting. We offer cosmetics professionals three choices. These cases are made of high-quality aluminum and have steel corners to protect them from damage. Your makeup is protected by this heat-resistant case.

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These cases are made of high-quality aluminum and have steel corners to protect them from damage. Your makeup is protected by this heat-resistant case.