Every spring people take to their backyards looking for ways to beautify their surroundings. Many people have a lot of ambition but unfortunately little knowledge on how to select and grow plants that will fare well in their climate. Thankfully local garden centers can be relied upon to assist people with their gardening questions. There are some garden centers in the Philadelphia area that may be able to help. Many garden stores also offer an array of other products for home improvement like lumber. People can also often find good deals on patio furniture and decorative and fun items like gift baskets and baby gifts. Wherever one lives, a trip to the neighborhood garden center can help a person get organized for spring planting and outdoor fun.

A good way to get started with spring planting and yard work is to make a list of the tasks that need to be done. Perhaps one wishes to plant a tree. Or maybe some brush needs clearing to make way for a new flower bed. Maybe one would like to get a new vegetable garden started. All of these projects require specific tools, seeds and plants and stopping by the garden center or nursery can save several trips to various stores. Making one trip to purchase everything that’s needed will keep a person organized and allow projects to proceed seamlessly.

The best selection of trees that are well-matched to the local area are found at nurseries and garden stores. A good rule of thumb is to buy a tree that is not extremely large, so the digging and other preparations aren’t too arduous. Garden center staff want people to succeed with their plantings and are happy to offer advice. One way to help the staff understand one’s planting space is to photograph it and bring the photos in to the store. The garden experts will be able to help match the new tree’s location with a tree that will fit the area. They will know how various trees will look at maturity. They will also be able to discuss the soil and light requirements for the tree. All of these factors can help a gardener decide on the right tree to plant.

Similar advice is available for seed selection, too. Garden centers carry annual and perennial seeds and bulbs for vegetable gardens and flower beds. While the packages provide information on seed planting depth and spacing, additional tips from nursery store staff such as how often to water and how to fertilize can be invaluable to flower bed and vegetable garden success. People are encouraged to ask questions and use the knowledge to make their planting more successful.

The right tools make gardening easier and more enjoyable. Garden stores carry a variety of hand and power tools for digging and planting. Some can be rented, which can save gardeners a lot of money. Establishing a relationship with a garden center can make spring planting easier and more fun. Spring soon turns to summer and fall. Ultimately when fall arrives and the garden areas need care to shelter them over the winter, the garden center staff can help with tips on how to protect bulbs, trees and other plantings.

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Barry Timmons offers his expertise on gardening and garden centers derived from his many years as a nursery employee. He provides a great deal of garden center Philadelphia planting experience and insights to readers. And also explains how gift baskets Philadelphia makes a wonderful keepsake.