A perfect and ideal alternative to a simply spa holiday, the fitness vacation that comprises of everything refreshing and enjoyable like a detox retreat and a regular spa session along with sessions of exercises, nutrition and education on physical training will be a much better option for you. If you are planning a vacation in Australia and are a bit worried about your body gradually gaining weight and are thinking that a spa holiday can do wonders to you then you are wrong. A simple spa session can make you feel better for the time being but that is not long lasting. For that you need to undergo a proper and strict session that includes physical exercises, spa, detox retreats, classes on the usefulness and the types of ideal exercises and knowledge on the nutrition essential for the body. On joining such a health and fitness program you will not only get a chance to groom your body and your habits but will learn many useful things for your future purposes. It is not simply a spa holiday session but lots more than that where there are physical training sessions, detox retreat, nutrition education and refreshing spas.

A fitness vacation in Australia will open the door to great enjoyment, an opportunity to spend your time in the best of the resorts or star hotels, eat diet foods prepared especially for you by the chef, sessions of spa and health retreat, relaxation on the beach in your leisure times and the full fun of being on a vacation. The results of such vacations are always positive, amazing and rapid that you can start feeling the change in yourself right from the first day of your stay.

A fitness camp at any of the popular Australian detox retreat has a number of positive factors and characteristics that can bring you long-lasting health benefits. The location of these detox retreats are often pretty exotic and wonderful that anybody would love to be there.

Some of the nameable and popular features of the health camps for which these are being widely chosen and enjoyed by the participants are mentioned below:

Fitness session for up to 7 hours a day that include everything right from exercises, fitness training to many other physical activities and delicious healthy food.
• A personal coach or fitness expert to discuss the problems and matters and guide you personally.
Fitness and fun activities to spice up the sessions.
Fitness camps in 5 star resorts for both men and women.
• Direct and easy access to the beaches that lies only with a few hours distance from the Sydney city.
• Healthy diet meals prepared by expert chefs.
• Comfortable and luxury accommodation with all best facilities.
• Spa treatments and relaxation in 5 star spas.

So, going for such a fitness vacation will benefit you from every point of view. It is about spending your best time on a trip, having great fun and more importantly learning healthy habits and shaping up your body. It is therefore, hundred times better and worth going for rather than simply choosing a spa holiday.

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