- Becoming a patient can help you enjoy the Harbor City to its fullest.
It’s been a long, winding road to safe cannabis access for Florida patients. They voted overwhelmingly for a state constitutional amendment to allow for medical marijuana back in 2016. Over the last ten years, numerous studies proving cannabis’ potential to treat various physical and mental conditions have caught the attention of the media, and of voters. Floridian voters agreed that patients with debilitating conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDS, and Epilepsy among others should be allowed safe and legal access to cannabis.
While that was how voters saw it, Florida state politicians who disagreed with the amendment were quick to push for limitations on the new program. The original wording of the amendment approved cannabis products such as capsules, oils, and vape pens.
However, it banned raw cannabis flowers and any other products intended for smoking. This was frustrating for patients who preferred or needed to smoke cannabis as their primary way of medicating.
After years of argument, the smoking ban for Florida medical marijuana patients was finally lifted in March of this year. If you hold a medical marijuana card in Melbourne, Florida, you can now access a full range of cannabis products at your local dispensary.
Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card in Melbourne
Getting your medical marijuana card in Melbourne is pretty straightforward if you are a Florida resident with a qualifying condition. To apply, first set up a consultation with a cannabis doctor in Melbourne.
During your consultation, you’ll discuss your condition with your doctor and find out if cannabis is a suitable treatment. The doctor will eventually write you a physician’s certification for cannabis.
With this in hand, you can apply for a card online using the Patient ID number you will receive on your certification. If approved, you will receive your card in the mail after a couple of weeks.
While the step-by-step process isn’t difficult to follow, it does take some time. Thankfully, the state sends out emails with a Temporary ID once the application is approved.
Now is an especially popular time to apply for a medical marijuana card in Melbourne following the lift on Florida’s smoking ban in March. However, it’s still not legal to consume cannabis in public. This shouldn’t put potential patients off, though, as the benefits of being a legal cannabis patient in Melbourne are endless! Becoming a patient gives you legal protection, access to higher-quality medicine, and is a first step to taking greater control of your healthcare choices.

Cannabis May Help You Enjoy Your Creative City
Cannabis advocates have touted cannabis’ potential to aid creativity for a long time. Many artists have attributed the inspiration for their best works to their use of cannabis. There has always been anecdotal evidence that cannabis can help us think more creatively.
A study was finally conducted in 2015 which provided scientific evidence that appropriate doses of cannabis can help us be more creative. Melbourne patients hoping to reap this particular benefit of cannabis should be careful with their dosage, however. Other research found that too much cannabis can actually make creative tasks, such as brainstorming, more difficult.
There’s no shortage of creative events to attend or take part in Melbourne. What better way to take advantage of your medical marijuana card in Melbourne than to get out and join in?

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There’s no shortage of creative events to attend or take part in Melbourne. What better way to take advantage of your medical marijuana card in Melbourne than to get out and join in?