The world of business communications is changing rapidly. The history of communication via PBX can be traced back to the time when the PBX system was used for the purpose of calling within an organization and any organization affording that system was considered to be one amongst the Fortune 500. Till then, the concept of Hosted PBX systems was not prevalent. With the advancement in technology and with the growing demand of such systems for small and medium scale enterprises, this concept of having a hosted service came into existence.

The old system has been extended to enhance its functionality and the new version now provides intra-organization as well as inter-organization communication activities. Virtual PBX system is a blessing for business firms since it results in considerable amount of pecuniary benefits by eliminating the capital and operational costs involved with the setup and maintenance of the system. With this system, even the small businesses can gain the benefits of an expensive phone system.

Business Hosted PBX is a smart way to go. This system offers a great level of scalability which allows the users to be flexible in their business requirements. The liberty to access communications anytime and anywhere has provided wheels to your business and you can take it wherever you go. This provides you with the ‘availability’ factor as you can answer your business calls anytime, thereby making yourself available all the time. This feature of Hosted PBX systems also lifts the physical constraints on your business and provides you with an environment to perform constraint-free business communication.

Business phone used for communication comes equipped with the latest calling features that create a difference. The various features include call hunt, call park, call forwarding, Direct Inward Dialing, Interactive Voice Response, Music on Hold, etc. All these features add value to your business communications by leaving an appealing imprint on the minds of your customers. Hosted PBX services serve as an automatic marketing tool for your business and promote your business brand through a better customer feedback.

Hosted PBX systems prove to be a boon for any sort of business due to the manifold benefits that they offer. This system may thus be considered as a complete business communication solution that offers magnified benefits at minimized costs. The best part that you can enjoy is the mobility. You can also set up virtual offices and work from wherever you are. Meetings can be held via audio or video call conferencing and business forms can remain completely integrated no matter where they are.

Virtual PBX gives a push to the small business firms to face the dog-eat-dog competition in the professional world. Hosted PBX VOIP increases your monetary profits manifolds. You can get uninterrupted international calling packages at quite reduced rates and also calling between extensions is provided free of cost. VOIP also offers the Quality of Service feature that facilitates the flow of voice packets over the data packets to give a better level of voice quality. This feature helps manage communication among the various offices of the same firm located geographically apart. Thus, wherever you are, you can stay integrated with your business all the time. Due to all these benefits, Hosted PBX systems are widely becoming a mandatory requirement and can be deployed in a wide variety of environments such as schools, offices, hospitals, stock exchange markets, call centers, etc.

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