Every business dreams of touching the sky and of being at par with the Fortune 500 companies. It requires proper planning and action to beat the market competition and to gain a stand in the corporate market. Whenever you establish and run an enterprise, you need to focus on two areas- one is the core business functionality and the other is the customer service. To stay focused on both, you need to invest in both the fields. Since a customer first knows your product for its quality and then for the customer response provided, thus the core functionality of the business cannot be compromised with. When it comes to delivering good customer response, you need to maintain a seamless flow of communication. For this, you require a good communication channel and huge investment. Small Business PBX helps organizations achieve great benefits with little investment.

Hosted PBX is a hosted service in which the hardware required for communication is maintained off-premise by the service provider. It saves the capital costs since the equipment does not need to be purchased and also saves the operational costs since there is no need to recruit qualified personnel required for maintenance of the system. Apart from the cost benefits, it reduces the time involved in dealing with the IT hassles. Moreover, the features that the PBX system offers allow small businesses to gain a firm stand in the market. Advanced calling features offered by this system create a good professional image of the company in the minds of its customers.

The various advantages that PBX for small business offers affect your company’s professional image. Smart calling features such as call return, call hunt, call parking, Interactive Voice Response, DID, etc. enhance your business communication channel and make you appear more professional. Costs can further be reduced if you use Hosted PBX VoIP since the national and international calling costs can be impressively reduced. If the communication channel is flawless, then better customer satisfaction can be achieved and if the customer feedback is good, then it automatically markets your brand since a brand is known from its customers. Not only does this system gives your customers a good feeling about your business but it also boosts your enthusiasm to work hard and achieve the targets that you have set for yourself.

The best advantage is allows you anytime, anywhere access to your business communications. This means that if you are not in office and a call is meant specifically for you, then that call can be routed to your cell phone or home phone and you can proceed with your business communications from wherever you are. With Small Business PBX, you do not have to worry about missing out any meeting just because you are not physically present there. The features such as multi-person audio and video conferencing allow you to participate in a business discussion from anywhere. So, the constraints on your physical presence can be lifted.

Thus, PBX for business is very essential for all small businesses that wish to exceed and be a dominant player in the corporate market. Hosted PBX can thus revolutionize the way your business proceeds and you can access business communications from anywhere, anytime and helps you achieve your business goals.

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Technology specialist at therealpbx.com ‘Adom Brown' is a specialist in Small Business PBX systems. The Real PBX is a pioneer in providing Hosted PBX Systems that deliver business class voice quality, real time customer assistance, scalable office Business Phone system office and more. Their enterprise class PBX VOIP services include top notch features like Unified Communication. Their IP PBX Systems deliver business class voice quality, real time customer assistance, scalable office etc