You would think that breathing is something that comes naturally and you should not have to concern yourself with it during intense exercise. The fact is, nothing is farther from the truth. For best results take a breath before you begin then breathe out as you exert and lift. Take a deep breath in as you lower the weight and repeat.

It is essential to get enough oxygen as you lift. Never hold your breath when you exercise. This can elevate your blood pressure to dangerous levels.

When you use free weights you must be careful about balance. For instance, when standing and doing bicep curls, you must make sure that you do not try to cheat. Check your position and be certain that you are not using your hips. This is a good way to put undue strain on your back, and could cause an injury.

Do not lift weights to impress others. When you do this, you may be tempted to use more weight than is comfortable, and this can cause muscle strain. Use the amount of weight that does not cause too much effort, at first. This will help keep you from using the wrong body parts to cheat. When you decide to increase the weight, do so in small increments.

If one lifts to improve your muscle tone, there is no need to use heavy weights. Instead, increase the repetitions. This will provide you with muscle tone and will not encourage muscle growth. Also, if you are lifting at home consider a good curl bar for bicep curls. The curves in the bar help to give you better form and position, and eliminate the urge to cheat.

The way that you grip your weights is very important. If you are serious you should consider some quality lifting gloves. They will provide you with a sure grip, to keep from slipping. Your entire body can get very sweaty and a good pair of gloves will help keep sweat and moisture from your hands.

Your grip on the barbell for the bench press will determine what muscles you work. If you want to work your triceps and shoulders keep your hands relatively close together. To work the pectorals or chest, widen your grip a bit. It is best to do part of your exercises with hands close and the rest with hands farther apart.

Do not get in a hurry and expect fantastic results in a short time and with little effort. There are no short cuts to fitness, but it is well worth the effort that you put into it. Form is absolutely essential to your workout to get the maximum results. When you are not sure of the proper technique, consult a fitness professional for advice. For More Information Please Go To: There You Will Receive a Free Health Chart.

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