Roku streaming players have never failed to astonish us either with its brilliant streaming performance or the enhanced features. However, this time we will discuss about the Roku voice search. Originally this feature was introduced with Roku third generation, and has improvised leap and bounds over the course of time.

Now Roku has integrated this feature in all of its new models. It is one of the most useful feature that can be used using Roku Remote, Roku Mobile application and even with smart devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

But with these voice search option comes several limitations. especially while launching specific channels or shows directly. Knowing adequate guidelines for voice search will spare you some headaches and unwanted shouting out orders.

In this post you will find how to setup Roku voice controls using Roku application, Alexa and Google Assistant and supportive voice commands for smoother streaming.

Let's Start With Roku Voice Remote

Roku remote with a microphone button under its directional pad supports voice search functionality. Currently Roku voice remote is available with Roku Ultra, Roku streaming stick, Roku streaming stick+ , Roku Premiere and Roku Premiere+. Provided that, your streaming player is successfully activated using the Roku activation code.

For Roku models that without voice remote, users can go for Roku mobile application. It provides a digital remote interface with all the controls that Roku voice remote offers. For using this remote, open the Roku application and tap on remote tab.

In the remote tab, you will find the microphone button (top-right of screen). Tap the button and start controlling your player through your voice.

Roku Voice Supportive Voice Commands

Roku supports the following voice commands with Roku voice remote:

  • Play/Stop/Repeat/Fast Forward the content.
  • Go Home – takes you to the home screen.
  • Replay- jumps back to a few seconds and replay the media with closed captioning (awesome for sports lovers).
  • Launch (app name)- launches the specified application such as Hulu or Netflix.
  • Search for (actor/movie/TV show/ Genre) – searches the media related to specific actor, movie. TV show and the genre.
  • Search for free (movies/TV shows/Genre) – searched for free movies and TV shows.

Additional Controls with Roku Smart TV

  • Turn the volume up/down – changes the volume levels.
  • Set the volume to (percentage) – adjust the volume to said level.
  • Turn the TV on/off – power on/off the TV.
  • Switch to (TV name) – takes you to specific channel.
  • Play (music) in (Pandora, TuneIn) – for listening to radio stations(only for subscribed users).

So these are the supportive voice command for Roku. However, the only limitation is you can't launch specific video or live TV channel.

Using Amazon Alexa For Roku Voice Commands

If you own a Echo speaker or any other Alexa powered speaker, you can operate Roku using Alexa. For this, you need to enable Alexa skill using these guidelines:

Note: Ensure you have link your device to your Roku account via Roku link code else, you won't be able to link Roku with Alexa.

  • Open the Amazon Alexa application, choose skills and games.
  • Search for Roku skill.
  • Click on “enable” and then type in your Roku account credentials.
  • Check-mark the acceptance box and choose the Roku player you wish to connect.
  • You can only choose one Roku player at a given time.
  • Now choose the Alexa device that you will use to give voice commands to Roku.
  • Click on “Link devices”.
  • You can now ask Alexa to operate your Roku using the Roku voice commands.

Using Google Home For Roku Voice Commands

In addition to Amazon's Alexa, Roku can also be operated using Google Home. You can also use the Google assistant application for this. Here's what you need to do:

  • Open the Google home application and tap on add sign on the top.
  • Choose “setup new device”, and then select “Works with Google”.
  • Search for Roku and tap on the related result.
  • Sign in using your Roku account that you have created using
  • Choose “add smart home device”.
  • Select the room where Roku is placed.
  • That's it, just remember Google Home won't launch specific videos.

Overall, we have covered almost every aspect of Roku voice search, but in case we missed something – let is know by leaving a comment below.

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