Vacations in Hawaii are like a dream trip to heaven! Should this be your first time to go to the beautiful islands of Hawaii you will be pleasantly surprised about all there is to see and do. It will be difficult to choose what you want to see first, with so much available on each island. You have a lot of choices from the golden sands of Waikiki Beach on Oahu to the dolphin inhabited shores of Hulopoe Beach on Lanai, from the volcanic heights of Haleakala on Maui to the amazing Napali Coast on Kawai, from the really clear shores off of Molokai to the amazing shores of volcanic activity off of the big island of Hawaii. Unless you do have a month to visit, you will be encouraged to see everything, and opting for one island for this first visit might be the way to go.

Your Hawaii vacations is likely to start out with Oahu, as a lot of flights come into Honolulu International. Oahu is an excellent starting place for your Hawaii vacation. Once off the airplane and walking through the open air terminal, you need to breathe the scented air from all the exotic bougainvillea and hibiscus blossoms blooming everywhere. Oahu is named ‘The Gathering Place’ as most of the Hawaiian population stays on this beautiful island. This island is regarded as a mix of east and west cultures, mixed in with the strong traditions of the Hawaiian people. This belend of old and new makes Oahu an appealing and diverse city to look into. You'll be able to spend a morning engaging in swimming and canoeing on the well-known Waikiki beach and after that evening you might be marveling at the stunning mountain views and ocean sights from Nuuanu Pali Lookout. Hawaii vacations on Oahu offers some sort of different things every day of your trip. Stretching for seven miles, the world famous water of North Shore is the well-known surf Mecca of the islands. Should you be a surfing fan then taking a trip to North Shore between November and February is the time to see huge waves and international surfers. The leeward coast of Oahu provide stunning coasts and lots of specialty day trips for those who love to snorkel, fish, watch dolphins, and watch whales and turtles in their natural habitat.

Honolulu could be described as the dynamic capital Of Hawaii. Here you can find historic ancient like the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, to gourmet eating places and exciting night life entertainment. Oahu presents all this and a whole lot more. A trip spent on this exciting and interesting island will introduce you to the culture and wonders of this great island chain. Go to Oahu, the gateway to the Hawaiian Islands.

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Hawaii vacations will be a trip to remember for anyone. Hawaii offers so much to see and do in this beautiful island paradise. For further information when considering a visit to the islands check out