Lip is the most attractive part in your face after eyes. If you give slight care for your lips they will look gorgeous. You can employ certain natural home remedies to make your lips attractive.

Exfoliate the skin in your lips twice a week. This helps in making your lips more smooth and soft. Just try rubbing your lips with sugar and honey. This helps in getting rid of the dull skin in your lips and making your lips more youthful and striking. After the exfoliation you need to moisturize your lips. This could be done with the help of petroleum jelly or balm.

Brushing your lips regularly helps to make it more soft and silky. This has to be done with flexible baby brush to take away dead skin. You can also use a good lip balm to give protection.They also need a lot of vitamins like vitamin C, E and A. It is therefore important to add red colored vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, papaya and cherries to get healthy and pink colored lips.

You could also try the mixture of crushed red rose petals along with coconut oil to make it more attractive and smooth. Also try the mixture of honey and lemon juice. Apply this mixture twice a day to get quicker results.

There are a lot of herbal lip care products available. They contain the beta carotene and germ oil as the major ingredients. They will help in making your lips cushy and attractive. They will also provide optimum protection to your lips from the sun rays.

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