Dental care is very important to keep your teeth bright and healthy. Oral hygiene is very important to keep your teeth healthy. White and dazzling smile can only be achieved after practicing oral hygiene. Certain simple tips help in making your teeth brighter. These whitening techniques can be practiced very easily to get dazzling teeth.
• The most important thing to make your teeth hygienic and healthy is to brush carefully and properly. Take at least 4 minutes per day to brush your teeth. Use a soft haired brush to preserve the health of your gums.
• Never forget to reinstate your tooth brush in every two months.
• Brush your teeth in a proper technique. Brush your teeth from inner surface, outer surface, upwards and downwards to make them beautiful and sparkling.
• Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Wash your mouth properly after every meal to get healthy gums and teeth.
• For healthy and safe oral hygiene, you could try making the tooth paste at home by combining baking soda with salt and peppermint. Rub this paste in your teeth for a few minutes and get brighter teeth.
• Make sure that you never brush your teeth forcefully. Vigorous brushing can cause harm to your oral health.
• Avoid smoking and drinking habits to avoid the appearance of stains in your mouth. This also results in bad breathe.
• Also keep away from sugared and sweetened food items to protect your teeth from decaying.
• Strawberries are natural teeth whiteners, which helps in making improving your oral hygiene. They contain natural teeth whitening agents that help in cleaning and brightening your teeth. You could either rub this fruit in your teeth or crush them like a paste and then apply it in your teeth similar to a tooth paste. Fruits that have more watery content like apple, watermelons etc helps in cleaning your teeth.
• Wood ash is another substance that helps in whitening your teeth. It might sound odd, but it’s true. Wood ash contains a compound named potassium hydroxide that helps in bleaching your teeth. You can apply wood ash directly in your brush or mix it up with the tooth paste for better results.
• Orange peel and lemon peel helps in whitening your teeth. Rub your teeth with this peel to make it brighter. This gives a good color and a fine breathe. Dried bay leaf can be crushed with orange peel to brush your teeth. This is highly effective in improving your oral health and hygiene.

Aging, smoking, alcohol consumption and taking certain medicines can cause discoloration in your teeth. Certain discolorations can be cured by natural techniques. But the discoloration due to aging cannot be alleviated completely.
Herbal products are effectual in providing complete care for your teeth. They help in removing the stains and discoloration without any harmful side effects. They are made from the natural ingredients to give maximum oral hygiene.

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