When people embark on a journey of love discovery, they focus on the physical and emotional side of their personality. Rarely do anyone consider the importance of spiritual self-discovery, even if they identify as spiritual side to their personality, when it comes to think of spiritual wellbeing, most commonly think of God.
We are people made up of physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional dimensions. We experience the world and the experiences we go through in the world, by looking at them through these dimensions.
Part of the happiness is having fulfilling relationships. These can be romantic love relationships or familial relationships or simple friendships, adding to helping you find that special person you are looking for.
But one step is to determine what it is you want from a mate. Make a list. Write down strengths you would like the person to have. Write down joys you would like to share.
Love is one of our greatest passions. The big secret to feeling more passion in your rela-tionship is to demonstrate more passion yourself.
You put out energy towards a person you wish to be in your life. That energy can be for or against them. Whatever energy you send them will match whatever energy in them that is
like that frequency. These relationships can develop into more than they ever were before. Even then friendships can grow deeper. You can live in harmony with your relatives. Your love interests can become life-long partners. The Law of Attraction can make it all come true. Watch out; be smooth and confident in social situations
Spirituality entails a lot of practices and of course love is a commitment,
Love inevitably sees the inner beauty and potential of the beloved. It is this inner beauty that you originally fell in love with, and it is this inner beauty upon which you must focus when times get tough in the relationship for “even in Sunshine, life is beautiful, you have it all… But One has to cry”. Since we each create our own reality through our thoughts and actions, we can also create a vibrant and timeless love relationship. It takes a conscious decision to have an attitude of ‘I love you no matter what’ with your partner.
Find ways that the frequencies can vibrate in harmony in a positive way. This will strengthen and lengthen friendships like nothing else.
Show your partner your love, respect, and gratitude for all they do. The more you show it, the more your partner reciprocates, and the more passion is ignited in both of you!
Be affectionate and playful.
Some think that relationships are all work, but it's just the opposite! When it's fun being around each other, your passion comes alive and you naturally want to make each other happy.
When you have a difference of opinion, remember that you truly love this person!
This person is the most important person in your life. This simple point keeps you from saying things you'll later regret, helps you be more patient, and enables win-win compromises.
Yes, living in the moment and letting passion sway you, this is always a plus for a passionate relationship! So what if you're in the middle of washing dishes? There's always time for a passionate kiss…
Yearning to be a part of the warmth that lies in someone else’s heart, nature can present us with sublime moments. As I realize that the key turning points in the quest for wholeness all occurs when we create moments for ourselves in quiet places.
Our life is a gift to be shared, so you can feel at ease about inviting other people into your life. There really is never a need to be alone if you don’t want to be.
We have to be host in life not the guest; don’t warm yourself by the fire, be the one to light it!
The point is to always be responsible for your own good time

We can be at peace with this kind of search, and recognize it as a beautiful part of the human experience that actually enhances our life, it keeps us moving forward to greater heights of grow as long as we use it as a tool of self-discovery …
One step at a time is enough!
Above all, don’t give up! you are too important to deprive yourself and others of the power and love you hold within.
Sharing ourselves with others gives life meaning and purpose… A feeling of fulfillment and inner peace

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I evaluate and research meaning and understanding the core values into a world of quest where I myself thinking aloud and reflecting, portraying and illustrating an acceptable and just life in a way that is proven that all is possible when sought for.

A once champion of words and expressions, with wisdom humor and clarity I opens up to what lifts me up and what pulls me down as evidence in this peculiar Book of modern ‘’Wits and Wisdom’’ anthology

I am a graduated Doctor in research degree in Human Services with specialization in Social Policy planning and strategy, health nutrition.

"I am promoting creative thinking is a powerful way to engage in learning and be. The one who is encouraged to think creatively shows increased levels of motivation and self-esteem. Creativity prepares them with the flexible skills they need to face an uncertain future. Employers want people who are adaptable, innovative, can solve problems and communicate well and express themselves with others. Develop the ability to be creative can enrich their lives and help them contribute to a better"

I am a published author a philanthropist and short story writer. Programming is a major part of my life, and so I spend most of the day Reading and searching.. At my free time, I like solely walks, and listening to Music. I am basically a simple, adjusting and fun loving person, whom others consider as sincere and friendly too. But they also consider me as modest; I would describe myself as a very ambitious, hardworking and sincere girl. I am enthusiastic about taking up new challenges in life. Friendly and joyful is what my friends would describe me as

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