Most patients swear by the Vampire facial because of its efficacy in delivering optimal results. The doctors at Wrinkle Fairy perform Vampire facials and facelifts in Oakbrook Terrace to help patients dramatically improve their appearance by helping eliminate wrinkles.

What Are the Components of a Vampire Facelift?

The entire treatment relies on:

  •         PRP therapy

The main ingredient used during a Vampire Facelift procedure is Platelet-Rich Plasma. Most of the time, this serum helps to accelerate the healing process. However, during Vampire facelift, PRP can also help in maximizing the efficiency of the treatment.

  •       Dermal fillers

Your doctor may inject these liquid compounds on your face to add volume to the skin. Increased plumpness smoothes out fine lines giving the appearance of smooth skin.

What Results Should You Expect After a Vampire Facelift?

There are many benefits to enjoy upon getting a Vampire facelift that incorporates PRP and dermal fillers. Some of the things patients notice include:

  •         A rejuvenated, tight, and even skin- The treatment may reduce your pore size, making them unnoticeable. Moreover, the creation of new collagen on the surface of the skin makes it look more youthful. The stimulation of collagen is what decreases fine lines and wrinkles.
  •       Clearer skin- The treatment may also resolve uneven skin tone and lead to clear skin. Some patients report a reduction in acne.

How Does Vampire Facelift Work?

Your doctor will leverage platelet-rich plasma and dermal fillers during the procedure to enhance efficacy. Your care provider will often start injecting specific amounts of hyaluronic-based dermal fillers into target sites to add volume. The dermal injections increase volume, decreasing facial folds and fine lines. This part of the treatment is responsible for the youthful finish the patient will receive at the end of the procedure.

What Does the PRP Treatment Process Involve?

The first step during this process is to draw blood from the patient's body. The PRP serum must be of the patient's own blood for the treatment to be effective. Afterward, the blood sample goes through a lab where a technician will put it in a sterilized centrifuge to separate blood components into distinct layers. After identifying the PRP, your doctor should isolate it and apply it to your skin directly, through micro-needling, or injections.

What Are the Advantages of Applying PRP on Vampire Facelift Target Sites?

Upon application of the treatment area, the PRP serum begins the transformative process helping heal the skin and restore vitality. Moreover, PRP therapy can promote collagen and elastin, which are essential elements of smooth skin. Before going for your procedure, doctors recommend that patients:

  • Do not manipulate the hair in the treatment site in any way, waxing, shaving, or tweezing.
  • Minimize sun exposure.
  • Thoroughly clean your face before the procedure. Do not apply any makeup or topical products.

Avoid direct sunlight onto the treated area at least 24 hours post-treatment. Also, moisturize your skin and drink lots of water to keep your skin healthy. If you want to learn more about Vampire Facial and Facelift, contact Wrinkle Fairy to schedule an appointment.

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