Kashmir is also known as heaven on Earth as it is the most beautiful place in India with attractive natural beauty. Not only the surroundings are attractive but the culture of Kashmir is much more protective and eye-catching that everyone wants to visit Kashmir at least once in their lifetime.

The best part of Kashmir is, it is still following their traditional things and is not influenced by western culture. Kashmiris are very protective about their culture and this is the reason that still they adhere to their traditional dresses and love to make it a part of their life.

Today we are going to learn about the different traditional dress of Kashmir and will try to give a glance at the Kashmiri culture.

Here is the list of most popular traditional dresses of Kashmir

The traditional dress of Kashmir is majorly influenced by the climatic conditions, as we all know that it is always cold in Kashmir so the dresses are designed accordingly to provide them warmth. Islam can be found in the major part of Kashmir which is the reason that we can see the glimpses of Islamic culture im their traditional dresses.

● Pheran

Pheran is the most common traditional dress of Kashmir which is for both men and women although the styling is completely different for both of them. The pheran is completely simple for males while for the females zari work can be seen on the Pheran to give it an attractive look. Pheran is made up of wool and is loose to provide complete comfort.

● Pathani Suit

Among the muslims Pathani suits are most famous, as we have said the major part of Kashmir belongs to the islamic religion that's why Pathani suits can be found in the list of traditional dresses for men. Shawls and a skull cap gives a complete look to the Pathani suit.

● Kashmiri shawls

For the Kashmiris, a Kashmiri shawl is like a must item for their wardrobe. These shawls are not only famous in Kashmir but in all over India. In the manufacturing of Kashmiri shawls, we can also find the preserved cultural pieces of the Mughal era.

● Pashmina Shawls

We all have heard about the Pashmina shawls, Kashmir is majorly known for their great handcrafted work of these shawls. There are majorly three types of shawls which are woollen, Pashmina and shahtoosh. One can easily get a Kashmiri woollen shawl but the Pashmina and Shahtoosh are very expensive and cannot be afforded by a common man. Pashmina shawls are made up of wool known as Raffel.


So, this was the list of traditional dress of Kashmir which are still being used by the Kashmiri people. Although the variety of dresses can be vast, we have covered the major traditional dress of Kashmir. The richness of Kashmiri culture can be seen through their dresses and way of expressing their cultural habitat. Kashmir is not only known for its natural beauty but is also famous worldwide for their great culture.

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Kashmir is the most famous state of India and We are sharing a guide about the dress of Kashmir.