Not just women, even the men and kids are fascinated with the whole experience of shopping. We are not talking about the shopping mall, it’s the revolutionary online store that allows effortless shopping without leaving the couch. If you are a retailer or a shop owner who haven't experimented with online business, then it’s time to mull over it. The delight of shopping within few clicks has attracted a lot of shoppers and this fascination of customers can bring a radical change in your business.

Of course for a professional eCommerce business website, you have to hire a professional web agency but that’s not an issue as there are many reputed website design and development companies in Pune. Even though your digital experts will look into the website development process, you as business owner, if you want to sell your products like hot cakes have to look for the below things on your website. Not only the web-designers, even the business owner should understand what are the prime factors that make an eCommerce website, crowd-pulling.

Design that’s simple but attention-grabbing

Like your brick and mortar store, even your online store should be magnetic. Your best-selling product should be highlighted. The site should be easy to navigate. New launches, best-sellers, discounted products should be your prime home page elements. Don’t overdo, play it simple, use colors that blend with your brand logo or colors. More than text, focus on visual content like images and videos.

Flawless functionality

For any eCommerce website, login, shopping cart, search box are predominant elements, only if these work flawlessly, your online business can turn out to be fruitful. If any of these fail to work effectively, the shopping process will remain incomplete and eventually no business would take place. So ensure every important functionality on website works effectively. Even navigation plays a vital role, it acts like the route map. The potential customer can reach to their desired product only through proper navigation.

Grab attention with great deals

Who doesn't love discounts? Sale! Discount! Offer! Are few magical words that automatically attract the shoppers. Only you as a business owner will know whether you are offering any deal or free shipping. So it’s your responsibility to convey the designer about your promotional deals so that they can pay attention to it while designing and present it in the most appealing way. The more it is visible, more are the chances of amplifying sales.

Make payment process simple

After the customer add products to the shopping cart, the main challenge begins. Here either the customer can buy, checkout and boost your sales or abandon shopping cart and leave you empty handed. It all depends on the payment process. It is very crucial to integrate secured payment gateway and make the transaction process easy. Remember you have customers from all over the world, so make all favoured type of payment options available like Debit card, Credit Card, Paypal, Gift card, cash on delivery. Also ensure that your newly designed website mention all payment options at noticeable places like website footer or top right corner of the website, so that the customers can take quick decision on shopping.

Get an eCommerce website developed that stands apart and see how it takes your business to the next level.

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Florian Luis is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger. He has hands on experience in operations, digital marketing and business development in the technology industry.