Hello there I have worked as an advice columnist and psychic writer for nearly forty years. Yes - a long time! Why did I get into this work? I wanted to work from home, be my own boss, have some control over how many hours and what those hours were, be paid well for the work I do and do something helpful and interesting. How many jobs are there that you can do from home that fit all of those? Very few.

So here I am , Beth Shepherd the clairvoyant psychic, many years later well known and often mentioned in the press, being asked to go on radio and television, lots of famous clients and arrived at the top of the ladder in my career. This means I now take a back seat and am not interested in dealing with all of the pleas for help that come through my letter box and emails. Hence I need help. I need people who are great at working out solutions to problems, answers to questions, making decisions. Who are good with people, who are naturally kind and caring towards others, who are genuinely wanting to help others. People with a lot of common sense and savvy. They can be male or female, I really do not care.
It is very unlikely they have done this work before because - let us be honest - very few people do this type of work. I am quite happy for someone with no experience and no qualifications to come along and join our team if they have the qualities we seek.

By the way - where you live does not matter either. You can live on the top of a mountain surrounded by glaciers where you never see another human, so long as you have electricity and a computer because you work online.
My staff work 5 or more hours a week and they earn $100 or more an hour. Fit it around your existing lifesetyle or job. It does not have to change your life at all, it can just add to it.

One of my websites, the one I will direct you to, also advertises jobs from other websites, radio, television, magazines, newspapers etc, anywhere that seeks people to do similar work. So you should also spend a few minutes looking at what other vacancies are available right now and whether or not they might suit you. Our site is the only one that features such vacancies.

Being good with people is vital for this, being good with words is very important too.

There is no expense to you, this is not commission based, you get a guaranteed amount per hour for the job if you join our team. All you have to do now is read the details on the site and show us that you can do it if you want the job. Go to http://www.accuratepsychicreadingsonline.com for full details.
There is no cost to you, no obligation and you will kick yourself if you do not find out more.

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An agony aunt and psychic recommended by famous clients, experts, professionals, radio and television, properly qualified with many years of experience as a full time professional. http://www.accuratepsychicreadingsonline.com