Gestational diabetes is something that is not to be neglected by pregnant mothers. This kind of diabetes happens during maternity to females who have never been recognized with diabetes before.

The actual cause of gestational diabetes is still unidentified, although there is a strong probability that the testosterone accountable in the growth of the placenta have something to do with it.

The Symptoms

If you are looking for tell-tale symptoms to know if you do have gestational diabetes, you may only get disappointed. The regular symptoms and symptoms of diabetes such as improved hunger, improved urinating and exhaustion may be puzzled with the frequent symptoms and symptoms of maternity.

Test for Diabetes

While not every expecting mom is recognized with gestational diabetes, expectant mothers are however recommended to go through certain assessments (usually on the 5th month of their pregnancy) to determine whether or not they have gestational diabetes. One of these assessments is the dental sugar patience check in which you will be made to drink a glass of sugar solution. After an hour you will go through a blood vessels check to measure the stages of sugar in your blood vessels.

The complications

It has to be highlighted that this form of diabetes can harm both you and the child. Although it does not cause birth problems as it usually happens after the body parts of the child have already developed, it can however lead to a variety of issues such as a heavier child, hypoglycemia, jaundice, breathing problems, and creating issues like difficulty in walking, getting, etc.

On your part, you will be at higher danger for:

o pre-eclampsia
o bladder system infections

Treating gestational diabetes

So what should a mom do if she has gestational diabetes? When you have gestational diabetes, you need to seek therapy instantly. Go to a diabetologist at once so he can evaluate your needs and come up with the right course of action.

The course of action in gestational diabetes has the major goal of managing blood vessels sugar stages through:

o the right diet
o exercise
o medications

The Right Diet

The right diet strategy for you in this situation includes fruits and vegetables and veggies and whole grain. As much as possible you must keep from consuming meals that are high in fat and low in nutritional value. It is also recommended to eat at least six meals a day.


Regular work out is to be motivated as this can prevent excess weight which can induce or intensify issues. If it's okay with your physician, interesting in cardio is a good way of managing blood vessels sugar stages.


For some females, consuming the right meals and training are enough to maintain frequent blood vessels sugar stages, but for others, they need blood insulin shots, along with work out and dieting.

Close tracking is very important in this case; your diabetologist may even counsel you to use a special device to observe your blood vessels sugar stages throughout the day. Your physician, too, will observe the growth of your child. He may ask for for ultrasounds and run other assessments to make sure that the child is dealing well.

Although this kind of diabetes usually goes away after the child is created, mothers are at higher chance of creating kind two diabetes later in life. That is why tracking of blood vessels sugar stages, as well as consuming the right meals and interesting in physical work out, will confirm to be of great value to a woman with gestational diabetes.

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