Fostering a conducive environment for growth and prosperity, Germany has a wide array of job opportunities in a diverse sector for foreign nationals. Globally, Germany is ranked as the third country to host a huge number of migrants. If you are scouting for job in Germany, apply for Germany Job-seeker visa.
What is a Germany Job-seeker Visa?
Germany Job-seeker Visa is an official permit issued by the German Embassy to enable you to stay in Germany & look for employment. Indian Nationals must apply for a visa before travelling to Germany in search of employment. The job seeker visa is valid for a period of 6 months. If the applicant has been successful in finding a job, then a Germany Work Permit will be granted. This visa is introduced to attract talented overseas workers to engage in employment in Germany companies. This initiative is taken to meet the skill shortage in the German job market that cannot be filled locally. The impressive range of employment scope and career prospects have made Germany is one of the chosen destinations for settlement.
Welcome to an explosion of valuable information that may help you take a decision to apply for Germany job seeker visa and look for an employment opportunity in Germany.
Germany Job-seeker visa Key Features
Applicants with valid Job seeker visa are allowed to reside in Germany for up to six months and explore job options in their field
Applicants can only look for job opportunity under this visa and cannot work during this period. Once they get a job offer they must get it converted to work permit
Applicant must return to their home country if unable to secure a job within six months

Few Benefits of Job-seeker Visa

It allows an individual to stay in Germany and explore job opportunities
Prompt visa decisions relatively faster than other countries
Employment offer letter not mandatory to apply for this visa
Offers six months’ visa validity to explore job scope in diverse sectors
Chance to apply for permanent residence in the long run provided you bag a job
Gives an opportunity to work in one of the economically strong country

Why Germany?

One of Europe’s and the world’s largest thriving economy
Huge career prospects in varied field of work
Promotes innovation and creativity
Free education, minimal hospital expenses and unemployment benefits
Flexible working hours and good work life balance
Ongoing skill shortage due to aging German population
Affordable and convenient public transportation
High salaries in most of the domain
Punctuality and discipline in work culture
Lowest unemployment rate

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