GERD home remedies have been a hot topic around the internet these days. Why? There are thousands of acid reflux sufferers who are tossing their antacids and curing their reflux with simple home remedies.

But how are they doing it?

In this article you will learn simple and safe secret alternative treatments for gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD). If you suffer from acid reflux, heartburn, hiatal hernia, gastritis, esophageal reflux or bile reflux this may be the article for you.

Because as you probably figured out, antacids are not going to work forever!

Why Alternative Treatments for Reflux

I am guessing that you are a little frustrated with antacids. Most of my customers chose to try home remedies because their antacids were not effective anymore.

Antacids will probably work for somebody who experiences GERD symptoms once every couple of weeks. However, most chronic sufferers experience it daily. And there are numerous reasons you should choose alternative treatments. Here are a few!

Antacids have a warning label to stop taking after 2 weeks. This is because a hormone, gastrin, starts to develop in the body after this period of time. Gastrin production has been linked to digestive tract cancer.

Antacids work by treating the symptoms of the disease. Antacids do nothing to treat the cause of the disease (repairing the lower esophageal sphincter).

Here are some quick tips to cure the cause of GERD and start your alternative treatment tonight!

5 GERD Home Remedies

There are well over 30+ ways to begin to cure the cause of GERD naturally. I will give you 5 GERD home remedies to start your home treatment. Though you will not fill immediate relief like antacids, you can be assured that these remedies will permanently cure this disease over time.

You should begin your treatment with staying away from foods that are hard and crunchy. These foods have a tendency to scrape the sphincter while being digested. And a weak or damaged sphincter is one of the main causes of acid reflux. Avoid cereals, chips, crackers, cereal bars, toast, etc…

Immediately go buy some honey. Honey has been shown to quickly heal tissue. And honey will help your sphincter heal quickly. Simply eat 3 teaspoons of honey daily (one before bed) to start healing the sphincter.

You will also need to drink plenty of water after every meal or snack. Water washes off the sphincter from debris and creates a tight seal over the stomach after a snack or meal.

You should also try to eat more fiber! One cure, a red apple, is a great natural antacid to eat whenever you feel you might have a flare up.

Finally, continue to educate yourself of all the remedies to permanently cure and prevent GERD from ever coming back. For instance, aloe vera juice can speed up the recovery of your sphincter and help you cure this disease quickly. Supplement it today.

What Else Should You Do?

With one trip to the grocery store and only a few more ingredients, I promise you will be able to fully cure acid reflux now! These GERD home remedies are just the beginning of your permanent cure.

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