George Abbott popularly known by his stage name GStar or George GStar has a net worth estimated to be between $150-180 million. This he achieved before attaining the age of 30 by venturing in the logistics and metal recycling business. However, investing in real estate has been his main source of wealth contributing a portfolio north of $65 million alone. All these was reached at thanks to his personal real estate investments spread out in Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Costa Rica.

GStar’s early life was marred with ups and downs and nobody would expect him to amass this great wealth. He was raised by a single mum who had to work tough jobs in order to bring food on the table. His hard childhood life made him rebellious and always got him into trouble in school and the streets. It reached a point where he could no longer be accepted in both public and private schools. This propelled him to look for his first job at Smoothie King while still in college. It was while working for Smoothie King when GStar vowed never to work for any other human again.

GStar breakthrough in life came one night after listening to one Tony Robbins. He was motivated by what he heard and decided to focus on personal development by reading books on success. His business started doing well and within a couple of years he was able to make his first million. Actually, he had already become a millionaire by the age of 21. GStar’s liquid net worth continued to rise as he was able to accumulate more than $150 million by the time he was celebrating his 27th birthday.

Personal Real Estate investments have made GStar a very powerful figure in the world. He has been able to make huge deals which make millions in returns within a couple of months. One such deal is when he sold his penthouse near Palo Alto, California making a whopping $1+ million in profits. GStar bought the penthouse at $5.6M eventually living in the house for close to 9 months. He later sold the house to a person in a high tech company pocketing a cool $7M in the deal.

GStar’s financial muscle continues to increase thanks to his numerous companies in various sectors. These companies are spread out in different countries all over the world thus giving him the flexibility needed to make profits. GStar’s portfolio include:

  • Motor recycling firms whose operations are cut across Russia and the USA.
  • Websites that generate more than $45 million in profits yearly.
  • Freight and logistics firm.
  • A firm offering Adult Entertainment services.
  • Treatment for anxiety patients by using techniques which blend medical procedures with hemp oil.

All these firms are run by highly trained managers who have amassed the experience needed to make them successful. They also operate in line with the set rules and regulations that govern their countries of operation. It is through these techniques that George Abbott is able to get huge profits from all his firms.

Dating Life of George GStar

The dating life of George GStar has been hit with twists just like many other celebrities. Most celebrities try to keep their relationships as secret as possible with GStar also following the same path. However, people eventually realise the relationships of celebrities and it only takes a couple of months before they admit it. Unfortunately, most celebrities tend to have difficulties in handling their relationships and fame with GStar having no exception. GStar has dated notable names in Hollywood with most of the relationships having a bad ending. Here are some people who have been in a relationship with George GStar.

Paris Hilton

Paris Whitney Hilton is a well-known American media personality, fashion designer, singer, business woman, socialite and actress. She is among the famous Hollywood stars who have had a chance to date George Abbott. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last that long as they broke up before things got better.

Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan is another Hollywood celebrity who has had a chance to date George GStar. She is the first daughter of wrestling veteran Hulk Hogan and is known for her career in music and acting. Brooke Hogan’s relationship with GStar was very secretive but did not last that long as there were some issues affecting them.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is a singer and actress who has amassed great wealth from her acting career in Hollywood. Vanessa and GStar’s relationship was brief and few details are known since they were also secretive.

Mia Khalifa

Last but not least is Mia Callistra commonly known as Mia Khalifa. She is a Lebanese-born American social media personality who is best known for performing as a pornographic actress way back in 2014 and 2015. Mia Khalifa and George GStar were not able to take their dating a step higher just as was the case with other relationships he has had.

George GStar’s dating life does not appear to be as successful as his business. However, this is not a surprise to many considering the fact that most celebrities do not have successful relationships when dating one another. GStar links this problem to stories which are constantly circulating in media houses and social media platforms. This is especially the case when your partner does not believe all the gossip going around the internet.

GStar’s broken relationships have however not had an impact on his desire to make profits in business. This is evident considering the huge following he has on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. His Instagram account has more than 523.3k followers with the number expected to rise with time. To know more about George GStar, simply follow him on social media and see everything that he posts. It is only through this method that you can master the art of becoming a millionaire from scratch just like George GStar.

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