To sustain in the competitive world with cut-throat competition one needs to keep learning continuously to avail the advantage over others. Traditional methods of skills development no longer meet the needs of the ever-changing work environment. This leads to the learning decline in the workplace. 

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Recognizing this, Geneviève Desautels decided to find a technological solution to this learning decline in the workplace. That’s where illuxi, an interactive e-learning platform, came in. As a CEO, Geneviève is steering the ship of illuxi.

Reaching Out to Women Entrepreneurs

One of Geneviève’s main goals with Women in Cloud was to reach out to women entrepreneurs from around the world to share and learn about industry challenges and about the positive role women can have in enabling women’s economic inclusion. Geneviève wants to contribute to increasing the participation of women in the tech sector because she believes that including more women in tech is proven to boost the economy with creativity and new ways of doing business.

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