The key to affiliate marketing is driving a big amount of traffic to your website. In fact, you need at least 3000 visitors to your website to make a good income from your promotion efforts.

It doesn't matter if your affiliate programs convert like crazy, it doesn't mater if the percentage per sale is high. If you don't have thousands of targeted visitors to your website, you are not going to make any money from the Internet.

Getting traffic is not easy, that's why so many will quit even before they make their first commission. Follow these tips and never worry about traffic again.

1. Learn Search Engine Optimization

Seo is not difficult, people want you to believe the contrary to make money from you. My website is on Google top 10 for the tough keyword affiliate marketing and I did almost nothing to get there.

You need to understand two things:

a. Onpage optimization

b. Offpage optimization

Once you understand these two aspects of search engine marketing, you will receive free search engine traffic.

2. Write and submit articles

Be sure to write at least one article a day and submit it to directories in your niche market. Be sure to write quality articles to solve your reader's main problem.

You can also directly submit your article to ezine owners and other websites that have a topic related to yours. Be sure to add a resource box with a link back to your website.

3. Research Joint Venture Partners

How can you search for jv partners when you are an affiliate? As I recommend to others, be sure to recruit sub affiliates under you to maximize your efforts. You may double the profit of your business without additional efforts.

4. Build a loyal list of subscribers

You need to make a list to make big money online. It's true that some people earn big without a list, but they are not beginners and they have deep pockets, so be sure to build your list. You want to be sur that people who gave you their email address read your emails.

You need to deliver value to your members, otherwise they will not buy from your recommendations.

These will bring a lot of traffic to your websites without spending a lot of money in advertising.

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