Have a scavenger hunt for a group of boys? Here are some really great ideas to entertain the guys. Of course you can always stick with making it a pirate theme. But why not get creative? What if it was a Batman themed hunt and the “treasure” wasn’t a treasure. What if the X on the map was the Joker? Devote the clues to finding the Joker. They might read something like, “You just missed him. I think I saw him make a left down the hall and go into the guest bathroom. But be quite this time so he doesn’t hear you!” It’s pretty exciting to watch them hush each other or be sneaky. Most of them will come dressed up.

Having a scavenger hunt for the little ladies? This can be really cute. One of my favorite ones is the Cinderella theme. The “treasure” at the end was her glass slipper. Some of the hints might be, “One of the evil step sisters got here first. I think I saw her hiding it in a cabinet. Not a bathroom cabinet. Not in a bedroom. It must be in a ________ cabinet!” Then I crack one of the kitchen cabinets open and there is the next hint. That one might read, “One of the mice crawled away with the slipper! Hurry though it’s almost midnight! Mice like cheese, where do you think they put the slipper?” The next clue is in the fridge. The ideas are endless. Use the movie for ideas.

It’s quite simple to find or create scavenger hunts specifically for your son or daughter. Just pick a theme and get started!

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