Effect of energy flow on our lives is of a benevolent or a destructive nature. It is up to us to identify these forces and take the right action. There are two ways to do this - through yantras and gemstones. The Vastu Shastra tells us how different position of things in the house affects us and how to deal with this problem.

Energy flow lines rule us -

The gemstones have vibrational energy that alters the chemistry in our body. We must wear opaque stones such that it touches our skin. We have no need to touch clear stones like a diamond to our skin because the vibrations will pass through to our body without even touching it. Read about the types of the interaction of these gemstones on us. Or, you can get more details from the Best Gemstones Consultant in India by visiting his website.

Diamond benefits and method of wearing

Diamond is the stone of planet Venus month April. It remains associated with love and marital bliss. It rules sex, sensuality, and material comfort. People in the public domain such as actors, singers, dancers, and craftsmen will benefit by wearing this. You can cure bowel diseases, diabetes, infertility, and eye diseases with this stone. We call it heera in Hindi.

Blue sapphire: One of the fastest acting stones, the Blue Sapphire helps to cure problems with the nervous system, brain, and the sense organs. It helps heal problems with vision and hearing. If you wear it as a ring, use it on the middle or ring finger on a Saturday. We call it Neelam in Hindi.

Ruby: Birthstone of the July month we call it Manik in Hindi. It is the sun stone it helps bureaucracy and people in administrative positions. This has no side effects. You should wear it embedded in gold on the ring finger on a Sunday. You should activate and energize it through proper poojas before you wear it.

Know Vastu Shastra -

Vastu Shastra is the science of prosperity. It is the traditional Hindu system of architecture. It uses geometric patterns and symmetry to bring harmony and organize energy flow lines. It helps stop negative energies and enhance the positive energy that flows around us. Every building has an associated energy with it. The way we enter a building and leave it also controls the flow of energy.

By using Vastu principles, the flow of energy in and around a building gets controlled to give positive vibrations. This brings prosperity to everyone in that building. You can schedule a meeting with a Vastu Consultant in New Delhi to get more ideas on this. Failure to follow these principles can lead to bad things that include ill health and loss of money. At times, it could also result in untimely death.

This might happen to someone close to us. So, it is important to check if your home is following the Vastu Shastra or not. You can use yantras to offset any bad energy that gets locked in the house. This is like gemstones we use for our body and mind. It traps energy and amplifies our good health.

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