Crystals have been companions to the man in one way or another since the beginning of time. For those of you that recognize the pre-history of Lemuria and Atlantis, it is common knowledge that these peoples were using quartz and other gemstones for energy sources, communications, data storage, and weaponry.

Ancient priestesses painted their faces with white gypsum for purification and to emulate the goddesses of light they served. Most ancient cultures used gems for healing. According to the Bible, the twelve tribes of Israel were each represented by twelve corresponding precious stones. The nobility of all cultures encrusted their palaces and sacred places with precious gems. In Asian cultures, crystals were passed through generations as well as placed during a burial with deceased loved ones, a practice that still survives today.

In our modern age, the power of crystals cannot be denied. Computers, telecommunications, data storage, memory chips, etc. depend mainly on silicon dioxide, aka - quartz crystal. Rubies and sapphires make laser technology possible, and the building industry depends heavily on minerals such as gypsum, also known as a form of selenite. The military relies on beryllium extracted from such gems as "tiffany stone" for making missiles and warheads, and the drug lithium is still extracted to some degree from quartz with lithium deposits.

On a metaphysical level, crystals are finally beginning to get the mainstream recognition they deserve for supplementing our physical, emotional and spiritual health. I mention them as a supplement since we alone hold the ability to completely heal ourselves at the time of our choosing. Crystals are wonderful tools to assist us in these processes. It is also interesting to note that although we often refer to gemstones as crystals, everything of physical matter in our dimension has a crystalline structure at its simplest form, even man-made items such as plastics, so definitely a concept to keep in mind when we consider the idea of "clearing" and "programming" crystals later in this discussion diamonds metaphysical properties.

Even the precious gemstones that are not as popular in the metaphysical circles have their affinities. For example, diamonds are reputed to draw abundance to their wearer, along with consistency, fidelity, confidence, and purity. Diamonds are one of the gems said to improve physical vision. Emeralds are considered to be quite helpful at facilitating healing in the physical body, and rubies, the stone of nobility, assist in spiritual wisdom, strengthening businesses, imparting good physical health, and knowledge. Garnets are one of the original stones of commitment on all levels, life purpose, relationships, and self (found on many antique engagement rings) thought to strengthen the heart, lungs, and blood. It is worthy to note that these attributes are considered by many metaphysical crystal practitioners to be the same whether a precious gem is natural or man-made.

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