Chalcedony is a representation of the moon, a close relationship with water, Therefore said to be drowning and accident prevention, avoid the intrusion of witchcraft. To some people who often go out, also a good amulet. To maintain peace and avoid some of the negative energy of the infringement, Melt the ghost of the children also has the role of evil , Throat care corresponds to the red chalcedony, could increase self-expression and communication and coordination capabilities.

Chemical formula: SiO2, belong to the hexagonal crystal series.
Density:2. 6
Index of refraction: 1.54—1.55

Chalcedony, Or cryptocrystalline quartz, is a fascinating history of the unusual mineral. Many colorful varieties and favor by the ancients, They are used as decorative and functional crafts. Nowadays, While the world has a wealth of production of chalcedony and one of the most expensive gem material, but it is still more popular than in the past. From the appearance, Chalcedony variety of colors, variety of color changes, For the amateur rock collectors provide endless desires and challenges.
Most chalcedony varieties have attractive historical background, Know the legend than usual, confused and even more magical beliefs. Less representative of the following types and variants of chalcedony.
1. Agate:
Agate is the one of the first gem material peoples known, According to legend, It can bring pleasure to the wearer and confidence, And was given God's mercy; Also to ensure their victory and strength. Is an illusion that can cure insomnia and make the wearer good dream. Legend also said can help owners to existing wealth more careful and sophisticated protection. A gate used to produce rings, engrave a poem by the Islamic, Special character names or Some of the magic numbers and symbols, For a long time, This ring has a variety of functions, is a family heirloom, Can protect the owner from a variety of disasters.
2. Chrysoprase:
Cruisers the term comes from the Greek word, means "green gold". And the yellow - green chalcedony varieties of superstition about the legend that, Thief sentenced to death with his mouth against the scourge can be a green chalcedony. Although it did not say how this miracle happened, But history records that, This gem is recognized can hidden for prisoners.
3. Flash chalcedony:
Cornelia had said, but now not use, Cornelia from the ancient Latin word "cornum" evolved, Means "with a corner of berries" or "cherry with a corner". Recently spelling began in the 15th century,Mistaken for the original Latin word "Carneolus",Means "flash". They say, The reddish brown to red to orange with a variant of, to dispel evil to bring good luck. Imagine it as a weak and timid voice in exchange for courage, and speak aloud. It can prevent the suspicion, Ensure that the desire is to achieve, In Mohammadia people, generally have a red agate, May be due to the Mohammadia own token ring wearing.
4. Meat carnelian:
Similar to carnelian,But more prominent dark and more brown. Sardonyx, Meat carnelian and white stripes and black layer agate, the August birthstone. Although a long time, Carnelian is to prevent the spell of meat, sorrow and sharing gems of wisdom, But people more prone to think that it gives the wearer success and happiness, Also a symbol of longevity.
5. Heliotrope:
Bloodstone or heliotrope, Dark green chalcedony with red spots, Is the birthstone for March, Heliotrope is expressed as the Greek word "sun" and "direction" means. Soapstone can be used for amulets, It believes that it can prevent bleeding. Early reports on the history, Not to mention a Bloodstone gem with many varieties of chalcedony. According to legend, It can make the sun red, their thunder and flash. Wisdom to the wearer, And bless them capable and healthy. That respect for the wearer, and be alert to deception. In addition, any case, can get things they are begging and believes. All roads doors, Open to the owner of carved bloodstone.

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