Aquamarine gets its name from the Latin "sea". It is said, This beautiful gem produced in the sea, is the essence of sea water, So Voyager Neptune bless it and pray the safety of navigation, call it"mascot Stone".

Molecular formula: Be3Al2 [Si6O18]
Refractive index : 1.567-1.590
Birefringence : 0.005-0.007
Hardness: 7.5
Density : 2.68-2 .80 g / cc
Crystal system: the case of hexagonal

Place of production: World's most famous aquamarine origin in Minas Gerais, Brazil; followed by Russia, China and other regions. Reported, a long 19 inches wide and 16 inches and weighs 243 pounds aquamarine crystal has been found in Brazil, 1912. green inside and blue outside, very transparent. So far is the world's largest aquamarine.
Aquamarine, emerald and turquoise in mineralogy are called beryl, all this beryl crystals are transparent. Beryl is a beryllium aluminum silicate, Aquamarine's color is sky blue to navy blue or greenish blue beryl, It was mainly due to the formation of color with traces of divalent iron ions, To clean out flawless, rich ruby brilliant blue to light blue were the best. Aquamarine mainly occur in the Palmetto deposits - Sugar granular about pigments in the petrochemical. Common crystal form is a hexagonal column, followed by six double cone, Collection of mostly columnar output. Glass gloss, Transparent to translucent. Obvious plagiarism, Blue to blue-green. Conchoidal fracture, non-luminous X-ray irradiation. Good toughness.

Aquamarine evaluation and purchase: Factor is based on the color, transparency and weight. Dark in color, flawless, heavy in weight is quality best. Aquamarine is characterized by a sky blue, navy blue, glass gloss, inclusions less, Clean, transparent, a weak decree, hexagonal columnar crystal. Aquamarine is brittle, fear temperature, easy to burst under high temperature, roasted case will fade. Avoid wearing crash, away from fire.
Aquamarine gemstones with similar natural and artificial distinction between synthetic aquamarine: Natural gemstones which similar to aquamarine include Blue Topaz and zircon when it changed color, Artificial synthetic aquamarine include blue spinel and synthetic grass. And topaz, zircon is the density difference with aquamarine, Topaz 3.59 grams / cubic centimeter, Zircon 4.69 grams / cubic centimeter, Density is obviously larger, With a sense of weigh heavy hand. Observed under a magnifying glass at the end of angular facets, Zircon, topaz can display double images, Aquamarine is not very clear. High dispersion of zircon.

Crystal form: Orthorhombic columnar topaz, zircon and four columnar. Man-made glass and artificial color blue spinel although similar to them, But are homogeneous body, exactly the same color, as a difference.
Aquamarine has long been regarded as a "stone of the brave.", was seen as a sign of happiness and eternal youth. Many countries in the world of aquamarine as the "March birthstone.", a symbol of calm, brave and clever. Westerners think, to wear aquamarine to people with foresight. At the same time, It also has the power of hypnosis and pressure the evil magic of medical value, Aquamarine soaked with water could cure eye diseases and hiccups.

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