Gemstones have shared a close relationship with Indian culture and beliefs. They have found a prominent place in our religious traditions and rituals. Since ages, they have been associated with hope and abundance. Even the most sacred texts of Hindu beliefs-the Vedas have mentioned gemstones as a medium to reap divine benefits by attracting cosmic energies. Gems have been used throughout the world with different aspects. In China, gems are used in Chi therapy. Gems are considered auspicious in Afghanistan. Jade is known as ‘Stone of Heaven’ in southeast Asia. In India, people consider these as the source of luck. Many ancient texts have mentioned the magical effects of gemstones

It is this faith in gemstones that calls for certain steps that one should undertake before they actually go about buying these wonderful pieces of luck. These will help you to make the right gem selection and also compare the gemstone prices.

To begin with, it is essential to know what is the meaning and significance of natural gemstones.

Significance of Natural Gemstones

A country where Precious Stones are part of religion and sacred beliefs, quality cannot take a backseat. However, it has been observed that people often end up buying sub-quality gems due to a lack of knowledge. The wrong marketing strategies put forward by unscrupulous merchants make people think that gemstones are alike and will bring similar kinds of benefits.

Remember not all gemstones are alike and not all are natural. The synthetic gemstones that are manufactured in labs are also made up of the same materials in labs. They thus share the same chemical properties. Interesting these synthetic gemstones come in better colors and look but these are not authentic gemstones. This means they will not bring the same benefits as the ones that are found naturally in nature. They are found by the rare set of occurrences in nature that led to their formation.

However, it is also important to note that not all-natural gemstones are of good quality. Some do come with a lot of impurities and inclusions. But only when a gemstone is natural and is endowed with right Jyotish quality will it be able to seek the right cosmic energies for the benefit of the native. So, you should have no doubt about the significance of these natural gemstones.

Gemstone Prices
It is important to realize and know that the quality of the gemstone is not determined by the gemstone prices. In fact, many gemstones that are costly or are overpriced are not natural and have been made by the synthetic processes. They may come in better clarity and color but are not equivalent to the natural gemstones in terms of Jyotish significance and quality.

Knowledge of Gemstone Quality
Simply put you have to do your homework well before you go shopping for your priced gemstone. Remember, there are many merchants and now also online stores that make tall promises of the best quality and grade of the gemstones. However, ensure you know what you want to buy. Gain proper information about your gemstone, so that no one can fool you on certain quality parameters. This time spent will be highly helpful for you and you will be able to determine what you are being sold.

Gemstone Market
The market size is often determined by demand and faith. In the case of gemstones in India, both are high. But so is also the size for the shadow markets that have sprawled. There is an apparent growth in the number of merchants that have sprung up both in offline and online space. These not only sell sub-standard products but also do so at higher prices. The best places to Buy Gemstones Online often are the ones that have authentic products, are not overly priced and do not promise more. GemKart brings you the best quality gemstones that come directly from the mines. It offers a huge variety to choose from so you can pick the one that will bring you maximum benefit. It offers completely authentic gemstones that are picked directly from the mines. So many happy customers are a testament to its guarantee of authenticity. Pick your lucky stone today and take home the cosmic blessings.

6 Quick Tips to Buy Gemstones Online

Color: It is a critical factor in gemstones selection. It is important that the color is pure without any mixtures of shades. It is often said that the quality is determined by the hue, saturation, and tone of the gemstone color. A higher tone and saturation are a testimony to a better color. Good online vendors always show the right pictures which have an accurate depiction of colors.

Clarity: The clarity of gemstones forms another vital factor. It stands for all the lack of inclusions that have an impact on the quality of the gemstones and also its complete durability. The grading that is usually done is dependent on the number of inclusions that are visible. Based on this there are three types of

Type 1 Gems: Primarily inclusion-free gems.
Type 2 Gems: Gemstones with minor inclusions.
Type 3 Gems: Gemstones which usually have inclusions.

Price: Price comparison is essential when you are buying gemstones. Before you pick one, ensure that you compare the prices of the gemstones in the same weight range. It is said that the gemstone's prices go up by geometrical progression.

Treatments: Your awareness will always be helpful and handy in letting you make the right choice. When you go to pick your stone, you should have proper knowledge about the treatments your gemstone has undergone. It is often seen that most gemstones are subjected to heat treatments that are applied to the gemstones and the ones that are heat-treated are often priced less. Remember, if you are buying stones for astrological purposes then they should be pure and natural without any kind of treatments.

Origins: It is important to know the origin of your gemstone in order to ensure that you are making the right investment.

Certification: When you are buying a gemstone from a gem lab you have to check the certificate that you get from the gem lab. The certification will ensure that you have purchased a genuine product.

These tips will be highly helpful in making the right gemstone decision that will bring the right cosmic energies to you.

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The faith in gemstones calls for certain steps that one should undertake before actually buying these pieces of luck. At GemKart we will help you to make the right gem selection and also compare the gemstone prices. Visit our website for tips that will be highly helpful in making the right gemstone decision and that will bring the right cosmic energies to you.