When you are 16 years old, the prospect of failing your GCSEs can seem unimaginable, as if your whole future is now compromised solely based on how you performed during just a couple of years in your life. This is truly not the case. When you consider that you will have 50 years of working life ahead of you after school, any apprehension experienced during your teenage years doesn’t seem even vaguely necessary.

There are a range of reasons why you may have struggled to reach the same achievements of others. It could be that you faced circumstances beyond your control, such as family matters that prevented you from reaching your full potential. Or perhaps you are just developing at a slower rate than others and need that extra year to correct your mistakes. Everybody is different and we all evolve at different intellectual pace. Some of the most successful people in the world took longer to gain their high-school degrees tinstead of passing first time.

It could also simply be that despite your capability, school life was putting you off studying. Retaking your GCSEs can be a very different experience in which you need not worry about the difficulties that school can sometimes bring. You will be able to learn in a more relaxed and adult atmosphere alongside peers in the same educational position as you

If you have not been able to earn those all-important grades in order to progress on to A level education, an additional year of working towards GCSE grades can help immeasurably. If you are a student needing to retake the majority, or all of your GCSEs, failing first time is not the end of the world as help is on hand to guide you through your CGSEs and into the higher education of A levels.

However, if you are in the awkward position of only needing to retake a couple of your subjects from GCSE and are eager to begin A level education as soon as possible, this too can also be catered for, as GCSE resit classes can be structured around the sixth form duties of your academic schedule.

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More information about GCSE retakes can be found on Rochester Independent College's website where you can see for you how past students benefited from Rochester’s outstanding GCSE resit opportunities.