When it comes to sales training, have your sales tactics remained the same for the last few years? If you find that your sales development style is retro it is time to gas it up and head into the next generation. Don't let the ways of the past prevent you from the sales of tomorrow. We'll review some ways to jump start the sales process and get you back to a better set of results.

One of the first things you should consider doing is focusing on the areas that have traditionally worked for most companies. While you are looking to certainly move forward, there are some basics that need to be met. Does your sales team really understand what the client's needs are, and have the asked the customer what they want from your service or product? These simple sales tactics can help you bring your client what they need, without a total revamping of your sales force training.

Get rid of the customers that waste your time. It may seem strange that you would want to get rid of customers, but if there are some that don't give you a return on the time and energy spent on them and have minimal sales monthly send them packing. There are better ways to get your sales development to start working instead of wasting the efforts and moral of your department.

Next, get rid of the dead wood. If you have people who do the bare minimum and either just make or don't quite make their sales goals, give them their walking papers. These people can drag down your sales department and prove counter active to any sales force training sessions you hold. This can also prove to one of the strongest sales tactics you use, and your sales team will step up their game when they see you are cleaning house.

Time to revamp your sales force training with new sales tactics that will help you improve sales and get things moving again.

1. Find the issues that are important to your customers and implement those ideas into your sales pitches.

2. Learn your client's needs and then exceed them with quality.

3. Encourage creativity. Allow your employees to develop new creative strategies and see how they perform in the real world. Then report back in 30 days on their results.

4. Create a script that feels genuine. Create the groundwork for the sale that doesn't feel like a procedure.

5. Teach your staff to engage in conversation with the client, and find out more about them.

6. Give the sales team a good sales tactic, like success stories they can share with the clients.

Your sales team is a direct reflection of you, when they have a strong sales force training under their belt that gives them great sales tactics and provides actual sales development the end result will be pleased clients. During the process focus on the areas that are improving and take the ones that aren't to the next level and you'll soon have one of the strongest sales departments in town.

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David Steel is one of the nation’s leading experts on the topic of Sales Motivation. He’s a popular and widely recognized author and motivational speaker who works with businesses and individuals as a sales management consultant, offering insights into hiring, compensation, goals and strategies, and teaching the use of sales management strategies to build and maintain highly aggressive sales teams.