***Please note: In all of my advice please take note that if anyone has a child under the age of 18 you have an obligation to take care of that child's needs before all else, so please do not send me emails about the need to feed your children. Feed your children first.***

Are you choosing to fail? I get all types of messages all the time from people facing the cycle of quitting. Recently, someone wrote me that they barely had the money for groceries and gas and certainly not coaching. I am sure they thought my response would be, "I understand."

I don't.

I believe that coaching is more valuable than gas and groceries. Neither can help you make more money. Coaching can. Coaching can help you buy more gas and groceries. I have a reputation for being a straight shooter and if I were shooting straight here would be the facts, the truths, and the only path to success, or the path to choosing coaching over gas:

1) Sacrifice. Over and Over. My definition of sacrifice is doing something you have never done to get something you have never had. Sacrifice is not giving something up, it is doing something more.

2) Stop blaming. In the last 24 hours I have had emails blaming low temperatures, pets, children, and technology (just to name a few) for what has not been accomplished. If you want success you have to take 100% responsibility for every single part of your life.

3) Lack vs. Life. People do not attract lack. God is good all the time. God does not send lack to people. People attract life not lack. Life is a series of hiccups, imperfections, and traumas. That happens to everyone evenly. What you do with it and how you react to it creates your destiny.

4) Give up on the miracle. No one is going to discover you, rush to give you a TV show, make you rich, and save you from having to get clients. Sorry to kill the dream. YOU are your miracle. Do the marketing. Master the mindset. Take the action. That is the miracle.

5) Broke is a Joke. Oh... this one is going to sting for some of you. Here goes (all in love). If you are broke building a business for you will be a joke. Everyone must finance their dream. I sold things on Ebay and worked 60 hours a week; some clients used credit cards; Sly Stone sold his wife's rings. If you are broke with no plan or desire to make money to finance mentoring and your business you are on the hallucination train. Get off, get a job, and finance your business.

6) Prioritize the truth. This is where gas, groceries, and coaching come in. I know you have to eat (believe me, I love to eat) and I know we all have basic needs, but the truth is if you can barely afford gas money then you are not prioritizing the truth. Truth is that we live in an abundant Universe where all our financial needs are met as easily as air. But, it does take a decision. It does take the commitment to doing whatever it takes to do both — gas/groceries and coaching.

7) Ask how bad? How bad do you want it? How important is it to you? Failure is not an option which means sleep, time, money, skill set, weight, race, sex, sexual orientation, appearance, disability, and education will not keep me from my business. How bad do you want this? I recently met a multi-millionaire who came from nothing. He said he used to have to decide between groceries and business growth. He said he learned to eat off of $15 a week because he was hungrier for his dream than for food.

Sacrifice is doing something you have never done to get something you have never had.

(c) 2010 Suzanne Evans

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