According to Statista research, the number of smartphones in 2020 will be close to approximately 3.5 billion. Today, your mobile phone is becoming more critical in business. People need to make business calls, connect to the internet, and even sell a product. And close to 70% of the mobile searches result in action on a website within an hour. It only indicates that mobile marketing is becoming crucial more than ever, both for the seller and the buyer.

Mobile marketing benefits by Gary Saitowitz

Simply put, mobile marketing is a marketing strategy where businesses can reach out to their potential customers through mobile devices. It could be through tablet devices, Smartphones, SMS, social media, and other varied forms of communication. According to Gary Saitowitz, there are several benefits of mobile marketing.

  1. It connects to a broader market

Today, there are several phones for people to browse and choose. It makes it easy for sellers to reach a broader customer market than they could previously. Hence, today sellers can reach out to a bigger market and make more sales.

  1. Instant outcome

Everyone uses a Smartphone to accomplish their daily personal and professional tasks. It means mobile phones can result in instant outcomes in seconds. It helps the business owners and sellers send marketing messages through SMS and receive instant replies. These SMS could be regarding discounts or introductory offers that help them make profits.

  1. It is easy

The best benefit of mobile marketing is that it is easy! Many people are aware of using a phone to place any advertisement or gain customer attention. Even when sellers keep their advertisement basic, it helps them garner results on mobile platforms, including laptop and tablet devices. The majority of the advertisements get made within a few clicks that reach several customers.

  1. It is direct marketing

You may consider mobile marketing like direct marketing, as the phone is always near to a person. With social media, marketers can indulge in direct communication with the customers and receive instant feedback.

  1. Keeping track of user response

Mobile marketing can help business owners track user responses. It can help you to search through the product reviews and check the number of people who can see your brand-new advertisement and discuss if the same is useful or not. It also helps you track the number of people who visited a specific website and the amount of time they spent on navigating the website.

Last but not least, mobile marketing has substantial viral potential. The moment a post is viral, there is a chain reaction. If any customer shares a post with ten or more people, there is a chance for ten people sharing the social media post. The chain is viral, and it creates word of mouth publicity. Hence, you can share the content with whomever you want to and make it viral when you opt-in for mobile marketing. Once business owners realize these crucial advantages of mobile marketing, they can use it to their advantage.

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