Having a fence around your garden is important if you are interested in keeping animals out, a little privacy, and ultimately the protection of your garden. You put all the work into it. So, protect it with a fence. But, fences need to be supported by posts. Depending on what you want your fencing to accomplish will determine the correct type of post you will need to support the fence you want.

Starting with durability and strength, metal fencing posts cannot be beat. They are very strong and long lasting. They come usually in lengths of 5 to 10 feet, and you can even get them in longer sections if you have a large garden and don't want to deal with more pieces by getting shorter lengths. These posts don't just come in steel, they come in aluminum as well. Aluminum is very strong and durable, and is very weather resistant. Aluminum lasts long and does not rust easily. This makes them a great choice for those who have gardens near the ocean since salt water does rust steel, but not aluminum.

Wooden garden posts are probably the most common fencing post. They are very popular and are found at virtually any garden or fencing store. You can get them in a rustic style or you may even get them in a machine finished look. Wood is strong, and depending on the kind of wood, very lightweight. Another benefit to having wood fence posts is that they can come pre-treated. This will also help them withstand elements and the warping that might come from water like rain. If you choose, you can have your wood garden fence posts stained or even painted. It gives you that added flexibility to add color to your garden.

You can purchase fiberglass fence posts for your garden. They are lightweight and very strong. They do not rust which makes them a perfect choice for those living near the ocean. These also come in a variety of colors and designs, so you are sure to find one that suits your tastes and needs if you look hard enough.

Vinyl fence posts are attractive and strong. This is very popular. They are made of PVC piping which is very strong and, of course, extremely lightweight and weather resistant. They are not made of metal which can rust. This type of fence post can come in a wide variety of shapes and to add a little decoration, they can come with special caps.

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