Many garages are situated on the front end of a home, giving easy access from the driveway into the home. As such, the garage can present a good portion of the street view of that home. By simply replacing an old or worn out the garage door, homeowners can dramatically improve the street value and the overall perception of their homes.

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When to Replace

Because they are used every day, garage doors can show a great deal of damage in a short time. Dents and scrapes from everyday use can show easily on the surface, and over time, the door can be knocked off its track. Such damages can not only make the door unsightly, but they can also make it unsafe.

Garage doors that are improperly aligned on their tracks can become dangerous as they open and close. If a door is in any way damaged, it is probably a good time to investigate replacing the whole thing. Homeowners can evaluate their door’s alignment by looking for signs like water damage, sagging hinges, and tracks, or increased light and dust coming in from under the door.

Great Return on Investment

Of course, homeowners do not have to wait for their garage doors to wear out or become damaged before they replace them. Upgrading an outdated door with a newer, more contemporary door can help increase the resale value of the home. On average, the costs of garage door replacement projects generate an 84% return on investment with an increased likelihood of selling the home in a shorter time.

Homeowners don’t even need to spring for the most expensive garage doors. Remodeling Magazine found that simply replacing an older door with a midrange model has the highest return on investment costs, allowing homeowners to recoup about 72% of the cost of the replacement.

Energy Efficiency

Upgrading the door to one of the upper range or newest green models can, however, help improve the energy efficiency of a home, and help homeowners save money in other ways. A properly insulated garage door can reduce the costs of heating the home as it helps maintain a consistent and narrower temperature range between the home and the garage.

This minimizes the transfer of air between the outside and the inside of the house, lowering the costs to heat and cool the home. Homeowners should look for doors that have a high R-value to get the most energy-efficient insulation possible from their garage door replacement.

Do-It-Yourself or Professional Installation

If homeowners are interested in upgrading or replacing their garage door, they should carefully evaluate the costs associated with either professional installation or completing the job themselves.

Do it yourself garage door replacement can save handy homeowners some money on installation costs, but it is a very complicated process and takes several hours to complete. Homeowners should prepare to spend at least a full day on a project of this size. If time is of the essence, it might be worth the extra cost to have a professional install the new door.

Whether homeowners decide to go it alone or bring in the professionals, they can soon enjoy the many assorted benefits of a brand new garage door. From increased energy efficiency and higher home values to a new attractive door they can be proud of, proper garage door replacement more than pays for itself.

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