Game Aggregator is a fast and cost-efficient solution letting to get and manage casino games easily. Due to the huge demand for the solution, there’sa range of game aggregators from leading developing companies presented in the market.

When selecting a casino software provider or casino game provider, operators should pay deep attention not only to the impressive array of integrated studios it provides but also technical resistance of the program as well as the market’s feedback about the quality of the supportive service. We offer one of the largest and cost-efficient game aggregators in the market now.

Thousands of games
Thousands of well-known and most innovative casino games in one single place. As a rule, we establish partnerships with the most demanded casino games provider in the market. They constantly expand the offer following the latest market trends and industry needs.

Easy Content Management
The cost-efficient solution adding new casino games providers and experiments, see which casino game current hit, and mingle the games win your online casino suite to find authentic content that’ll appeal specifically to your players.

One-time integration
This one-time API generation to get access to thousands of casino games. This casino software provider makes a deal and technical integration only with a chosen aggregator. This saves thousands of hours required for contracting with studios directly and entire subsequent integrations.

Favorable conditions
Due to the huge volumes of wagers processed by the aggregator. Normally, aggregators partner with hundreds of casino operators. Their high volumes let them negotiate lower prices from game providers. Though game aggregators charge 2-3 percent more month fees for their handy services, their resulting prices for casino operators are still equally or sometimes more appealing compared to working with providers directly.

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