People ,time and again, tell me that they wish they could be a master network marketing prospector. Well, I want you to realize that anyone can be a master network marketing prospector. It's just going to take you a little time and a lot of practice! Ultimately you will develop the skills required for your MLM Mastery.

What I have learned is, there are Five Traits or Skills of Master MLM Prospectors: Passion, Consistency, Communication, Being Prepared and Being Positive.

So let’s look at each one of these in detail and think about it how you can begin to implement them into your business today!

Trait #1: Passion – You MUST have a SERIOUS passion for Freedom, your Product and Helping others.

This is by far the most important thing on this list. That's because without passion for your product, the freedom MLM can deliver and helping people achieve that freedom, you might as well go back to your day job.

Remember what it was that got you truly excited about your company and its products. That is the passion that you need to share with your prospects. Chat with other product users and pay attention to success stories within your company. There is always a wealth of product and success testimonials that you can make use of to convey your belief and passion. Remember, your prospects are initially going to be captivated by your passion before they become attracted to your product or company.

“Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come for miles to watch you burn.”

Trait #2: Consistency – You have to be consistent with your Network Marketing business every day.

It is enormously important to your network marketing business to be consistent. Another way to think about it is, if you are a doctor but only complete 7 out of 10 surgeries correctly, how long do you think you would be in business? Not very long! You will become really consistent when you begin treating the $500 start-up cost for your MLM business like it was $500,000 or even $5 Million!

I find too many people who start a MLM business but then they don't even put in the time and energy to be successful. But they are still anticipating a massive pay off. Well, the reality of the situation is the pay off can ONLY occur when you think of your business like a business and consistently work it every day. Don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you that you must to put in an additional 8 hours of work every night. What you should do is develop an Action Plan and stick to it. Trust me it works.

For your action plan, you want to establish your Minimum Daily Exposure (MDE) number. If you can dedicate only eight hours or less every week, I would start off with 3 MDEs. What you want to work up to is between 10 and 15 new people exposed to your MLM business every day.

If you genuinely want your passion for your Network Marketing business to intensify, run the numbers about what having a MDE will do for your business. This leads to success. It does not matter if your are building your network marketing business online, offline or a combination of the two, your action plan is a simple formula that works.

Trait #3: Communication – Stay in regular communication with people and Follow up, Follow up, Follow up.

Communication is important for connecting with your prospects. You should have at bare minimum contact once a week, no matter if that prospect was generated on the internet or offline.

One word of caution, though. There's a fine line between bugging and following up. You DON'T need to be pitching your network marketing business every time. When you follow up with your leads, make it personal. Ask about their business or job, their family, remember birthdays and anniversaries. Remember, it is all about getting to know your prospect.

If they are an offline MLM lead, you need to be in touch whenever there is a local meeting, a special presentation, a new tool or a new product launch.

Following up with your online MLM prospects can easily be done with your auto-responder.

The whole objective of communication is to keep you in your lead's mind. That is a very advantageous place to be. After all if things change for them, you want to be the person they think of first to call.

Trait #4: Being Prepared – You want to always have tools prepared and practice alert living.

With the economy presently in shambles, unemployment at over 10% and the economic future still unsure, people are no longer condemning Network Marketing or MLM and the thought of being their own boss. Many are beginning to see our industry as a feasible way to develop an additional income or a full-time income for themselves.

Hence you need to be prepared both with tools (CD, DVD, literature, etc) that you can hand out to prospects and be comfortable with at least 2 product stories and 2 income stories.

You need the stories as part of your arsenal since people are emotional creatures and we relate better with stories rather than facts. When you are meeting people in person, it is the stories that will introduce people to your product and your opportunity and make them want to learn more. Stories are something that people can become passionate about!

Facts Tell, Stories Sell!!

Furthermore, you would like to be well-dressed everywhere you go (i.e. no pants around your butt or dressing like you are headed to the club). Dress for success is more than a clever phrase. It makes you prepared to make something great happen for your network marketing business.

Trait #5: Be Positive – People like to be around positive people.

I know that we ALL have negative moments, but you never want to show that to your prospects or your downline for that matter. People love being around warm, happy, charismatic people. What people don't want to have do is feel like they have to walk on eggshells around you. You want to be the person that is like the people you want to attract and sponsor into your business. After all birds of a feather… and who needs to be in a group full of Debby Downers!

I challenge you to apply each one of these skills into your Network Marketing business. You cannot pick and choose which ones you want. When you do, your confidence about yourself and your business will begin to increase exponentially and just around the corner, you’ll find success and be on your way to MLM Mastery!

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