A smile is one of the purest things in the world, that’s why people with stained, gapped or chipped teeth always look for methods to get that perfect smile. A perfect smile is invaluable as it leads to an increase in confidence and personal well-being, generally, people with good oral health are treated better than people without. Davinci veneers, professionally done can be a simple yet cost-effective way to get white teeth. The only downside is that the process is irreversible and you should really consult with a dentist before undergoing the procedure. In office tooth whitening is a simpler method but more expensive way to get the job done. The two methods should be done by a professional, as any complications might result in expensive correctional surgery which might result in loss of teeth.

Davinci veneers can be described as thin porcelain used to recreate natural teeth, while also providing added strength and resilience to the original tooth enamel. The beauty of veneers is that during the procedure a dentist custom fits them to the contours of your teeth and bonds them to your enamel. Bonding them ensures your teeth look as natural as possible. When looking for Veneers in Houston TX ensure the dentist you choose is experienced to avoid botched and badly bonded teeth. Cleaning the veneers is not complicated and the American Dental Association (ADA) suggests brushing and flossing normally. The brushing should be daily with a mild fluoride toothpaste. Changes in what you consume should be expected as coffee and other staining foods should be limited significantly. Proper oral hygiene is important as it will help them last long before they are replaced. After the procedure ensure that you consult your dentist regularly especially in the case of Davinci veneers, especially for comfort and fit, since a comfortably fitting veneer will last longer than a loose fitting veneer.

Certain stains such as nicotine stains require in office tooth whitening as some stains are hard to remove and require specialized detergents. Some of the methods used include hydrogen peroxide or laser. The problem with hydrogen peroxide is that it is highly corrosive and leaving it in the mouth for long can lead to extreme sensitivity. That’s why it’s advisable to ensure that a Houston dental care professional to do it for you. They also have a higher concentration peroxide rated at 13-15% more than the home approved solution. In office tooth whitening experts also use UV laser, which might make the price go up significantly.

All in all, when looking for the perfect smile, in house tooth whitening is better than home solutions, as you will be able to ask the dentist for advice every step of the way. Another clear advantage is that if anything goes wrong during the procedure, the dentist will immediately notice and remedy it. Looking for Houston dental care can be harrowing and stressful especially if you do not find an office with enough experience. Despite all these challenges, once you undergo the procedure successfully, your smile will be different as smiles will be brighter and pleasing to everybody.

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