Are you looking for an opportunity to become a funded trader and leverage your trading skills to maximise your earning potential? Unlike other establishments that provide education when we say we will make you a funded trader, we mean it. 

If you believe you have the attributes, discipline and strategy of an elite trader, then get in touch to learn about our funded account programme and potentially become a  funded trader a managing a 7-Figure account. 

What separates us from the rest promising you the funding opportunities? For starters, we are realists, and we actually deliver. In our experience, many providers have licentious practices where they brag about successful students that don't even exist. Horrible! 

We’d like to invite you to check out our blog to view our ever-growing list of successful people that graduate from provisional prop trader to a fully funded trader managing their own book with us. We have nothing to hide. A testament to his is our dedicated communities to complement our Forex funded account programme. 

What makes CTI different from the other funded trader providers? What is the CTI Mission?

Let's get those questions answered!

Other funded trader providers always (and we mean always) promise you financial freedom, or say you could attain exorbitant wealth— but then have the nerve to say it's your fault when they rigged the system to work against you. 

Unlike the others, we give you honesty. Something valued in the financial services industry and something you will struggle to find in the Forex funding business. 

Our ambition is to locate the top 1% of high-performing funded traders to actalise our life-long goal to create the world's first remote trading floor. 

Whatever your reason for wanting to be a funded trader: if you have the hunger and drive, we can help you see if you have what it takes. You will also be part of a community with other funded traders where you can communicate with like-minded peers going through the same journey. 

Do you think you have what it takes? Then please follow the link; we would love to hear from you!

Become a Funded Trader

The Funded Trader Evaluation Phase will help you manage your risk management and trading psychology to become a more successful prop trader.

Why become a funded trader?

  • No restrictions, apart from our rule; use whatever strategy you please. We want to see you at your best.
  • Keep 60% of your profit, and you have no risk to your own capital at all. That's right; you don't risk your own capital to trade. 
  • Monthly payouts that don't affect your account balance
  • The "catch" is that you are limited to trading major FX pairs
  • Flexibility: you get up to a year to hit a 6%-7% target; most of our funded traders hit this in 2-3 months.
  • Upon hitting your target, you will progress into our Portfolio Manager tier, a special Funded Trader that benefits from exponential growth upon hitting specific KPIs; potential for $2M upside growth.
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