Importance of cow idol in architecture

According to Indian mythology, the Kamadhenu, or cosmic cow, originated during the churning of the ocean or during the churning of the cosmic ocean and fulfilled every wish of those who were fortunate enough to keep it (battles were fought to gain possession of the miraculous cow). According to Vastu mythology, bringing home an idol of Kamadhenu, possibly in which the wishing cow accompanies her calf, Nandini, ensures luck, prosperity, and overall well-being. Your home in addition to fulfilling your desires. Mother's image, Kamadhenu is believed to cure all ailments in your home. Placing the idol of Kamadhenu, known by scholars like Surabhi, Kamadugha, Kamduh, and Savla, will help in relieving health, mental stress, and financial problems as the global cow is a symbol of nutrition, peace, and prosperity. According to the Puranas, Kamadhenu is "a goddess of wonderful power and attainment", and "all the cattle in the world today are descendants of Kamadhenu." Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, Goddess of knowledge and wisdom, Goddess Saraswati and Goddess of Power, Durga, Kamadhenu, the idol of the cow are seen as the unifying force of all these attributes. The only cure for all ailments - mental, physical, emotional, or financial.

Vastu instructions for keeping cow and calf idols at home

According to the architectural rules, the northeast direction of your house, the northeast corner, is the ideal place to place the Kamadhenu cow and calf idol. Since Ishaan Kon is a sacred place reserved for the gods according to Hindu mythology, the best option is to place the idol of Kamadhenu cow, which carries all the deities, towards the northeast. If this is not possible, you can place a Kamadhenu cow idol to the north or east of your house. The same architectural rules apply when placing Kamadhenu cow idols in your workplace.

Great room to keep a cow-calf idol at home

If your house has a room for worship, which is commonly found in Hindu houses, then according to the Vastu rules, it would be the best place to keep an idol of the Kamadhenu cow. You can also place a cow idol at the entrance of your house. It is common to keep cattle at the entrances of Hindu houses, especially in rural areas. The cow stands as a testament to the wealth and prosperity of the household

The best material for Kamadhenu cow idol

Starting at two pennies, calf and cow statues are available in a variety of materials as well as in the price range. For those who can afford it, it is recommended to keep a silver Kamadhenu cow idol, especially in your worship room. Depending on the size of the silver calf or cow, the price can be in the thousands. You can also choose more affordable materials, such as brass or copper, to sculpt your cow and calf. You can also get the original-white marble cow statue to install at your entrance, which is quite common in rural houses in India. You can also find sculptures of cows and calves made from ceramics these days, easily available online. A clay cow idol is just as good if it is kept according to the architecture.

Keeping idols of Kamadhenu cow and calf in the house is beneficial

Carriers of overall health and well-being, cow and calf idols will help you bring the following positive effects into your home:

1. Health
2. Wealth
3. Prosperity
4. Silence
5. Success
Cow and calf idols are considered to be useful for couples who are having difficulty in having children.

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