GAALC, Global Academy of Arts, Languages and Culture is offering you online training program on Hindustani classical music. The online program conducted on Skype or Google Hangout by GAALC and the program is a real time, Individual, interactive E learning program. GAALC is an international school based in India and conducting distance learning programs online.
In India two types of classical music are practiced. One is Hindustani or north Indian classical music and other one is south Indian or Carnatic classical music. For learn Hindustani classical music you need to visit here:
From the ancient era north India practiced music very sincerely. We find the earliest book of music in 2000 Bc. The Natya Shashtra written by Bharat is a written musical evidence of India that India was so brilliant in arts practice. In these days the world knows very much those benefits of Indian classical music or how deep it is. And in every country there is at least one institute for learn Indian music.
GAALC has been working over last few years for the promotion and development of Indian arts and culture. Through online education GAALC provides you Indian Gurus or teachers who are well skilled and famous on their respective subjects. Also online program is time saving and cost is affordable.
GAALC offers you following programs on Hindustani classical vocal music:
1. Short term certificate level -24 months of duration
2. Regular term certificate level- 36 months of duration
3. Extended term certificate level- 54 months of duration

Online learning is now a trend of modern age. Online learning program saves time and cost. GAALC offers Live, one-on-one, real time, interactive online private training lessons with flexible time schedules for global students of all age groups, learning levels and genre. Modern education has melded into the digital age and E learning is now become the most popular an effective way of learning. GAALC is not only an academy who give you the opportunity to choose your teacher but also take care and support to give you the best process to learn easily and perfectly that it could be really a useful learning of your career.

GAALC also provides following E Learning Programs:
GAALC School of music provides you online training programs for Instrumental music, Carnatic Vocal music, Semi Classical music, and Bollywood music.
GAALC School of Dance provides you all kind of Indian classical, Folk and Western Dance training. GAALC school of Yoga provides you online Yoga training program.

Hindustani classical vocal music training classes are now a distance of one click. Choose your teacher, experience the best teaching method, and enjoy the world of music. GAALC is devoted to his work and his only expectation is to spread Indian arts globally. The faculty of teachers at GAALC comprises of experienced and famous artists who are very skillful on their respective subjects. GAALC is dedicated to offer world class, high quality, affordable online classes for promoting and developing art & culture globally.

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GAALC offers online Arts training courses of different terms and duration. Indian classical, semi-classical, Rabindra Sangeet, Bollywood music, all kind of Indian Instrumental music (Sitar, Sarode, Flute, Harmonium, Sarangi, Violin, Mandolin, Tabla etc.), To know more visit: