The 1st Step to Accomplishing Your Goals


Don’t trade what you need most for what you want now!
What is a goal? A goal is a defined dream with a powerful plan. Dreams that are truly important to you will find their way out of your head and onto paper. I’ve found that just by starting to focus on your goals, you will actually start to improve your life.

When was the last time you found yourself dreaming “BIG”? I mean the kind of dreams like you had when you were young and felt like you could conquer the world. When I was a kid, I used to dream of being an astronaut and flying around in space. At some point in my life I noticed that my high level of dreaming had stopped. The reality of life seemed to have brought all of my dreams back down to ground zero.

Think back for a moment, to when you were thirteen years old and you were dreaming big. Answer the following questions with a YES or NO:

* Did your life turn out the way you thought it would? __________

* Are you the person you thought you would be? __________

* Have you accomplished all of the things you wanted to? __________

It’s sad, but most people do stop dreaming. A lot of people just give up and settle for mediocrity. Others stop trying to reach their dreams because they have let themselves down in the past by not accomplishing their previous goals. People who stop dreaming, stop living!

Maybe your goals have changed, or perhaps have faded away. Are you ready to get them back? Goal-setting is an exciting time because you get to dream again! Here’s the incredible news: not only do you get to start dreaming again, but this time, you also get to Think GREAT and turn those dreams into realities. As you become the person capable of accomplishing your goals and achieving greatness, you will develop much more self-esteem, confidence, and excitement about life. You will actually look forward to each day and what each day will bring to you.

Think GREAT!
© 2010 Erik Therwanger

Author's Bio: 

Erik is a leading authority on accomplishing life-changing goals, team building, increasing sales results, and enhancing leadership skills – no matter what circumstances you face!

Combining his 4 years of service in the U.S. Marine Corps, 10 years of sales experience, and his responsibilities as his wife's caregiver, during her battle with cancer, he created the Think G.R.E.A.T. program and authored the Think GREAT® book series, designed to help people achieve a greater life.

Erik has helped individuals, teams, businesses, and organizations to achieve greater results in taking initiative, creating sales opportunities, recruiting stronger, and building leaders.